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    FiiO M15 Audio Player | Dual AK4499EQ | 7490 mAh Battery | 64 GB ROM | $1299.99

    @scottsays I think it's abundantly clear that you NEED to have both the Fiio M15 and the Lotto 6000 [which I know nothing about BTW, just ordered my M15 from B&H and have already an M11 Pro and HiBy R6 Pro and HiBy R5].
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    [New update]The FiiO Music App v1.1.9 for Android and X5III/X7/X7MKII update now!

    I'm on 1.1.9 after doing the OTA update of the M11 Pro.
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    Hiby R8, Snapdragon 660, Android P, 4G

    I'm quite pleased with my R6 Pro and often grab it instead of the Fiio M11 Pro. Being able to simulate a tube amp with a setting can be really fun for certain guitar-centric and horn-centric tunes. I've not experienced the RFI issues some users describe.
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    CanJam NYC 2020 (February 15-16, 2020)

    I'd like (2) CANJAM T-Shirts please. pwscott - XXXL - 2 Thanks! I won't be in until late afternoon Saturday to get them. Phil
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    Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

    What a great thread! Learning a lot here. I had not really inspected the box nor the labeling very closely. I am certainly pleased to learn of the (3) dots/bumps on the left side of the band...I never really read the manual, I left it sealed in the box in case I didn't love these....I do love...
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    Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

    Yes, I am using the HD660s that I just bought at 46Audio in NYC this week with both a HiBy R6 Pro and with a Fiio M11 Pro. In both cases I'm using the 4.4mm Balanced cord (provided in the box along with a standard). They are loud enough for me, however, depending on the music I may find myself...
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    2nd Annual WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 10th, 2019

    I am really disappointed to say I'm not going to make it this morning. Between a badly leaking water main flooding part of the basement and emergency plumbing work yesterday, and the fact that I ended up driving ~2,000 miles and flying 6 commuter flights in the last 2 weeks, my back just can't...
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    Hiby R8, Snapdragon 660, Android P, 4G

    I love my R6 Pro, even against the Fiio M11 Pro I added.....but the idea of having an R8 that should be all what an R6 Pro is *plus* 4G/LTE to download that new playlist you find on Tidal would be super cool.
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    2nd Annual WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 10th, 2019

    Am just starting to amass some gear here. I can bring a few things; I do have the latest Fiio DAP the M11 Pro as well as the HiBy R6 Pro and R5. Have the KLH Ultimate One open ear headphones along with my Fiio FH7 IEMs. I also have a Terabyte or so of high quality soundboard concert recordings...
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    FiiO releases Android-based Lossless Portable Music Player M11 Pro!

    Mine is coming Friday and am a little paniced about a case to protect it. Do we know if the case for the M11 (non - Pro) will fit?
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    Newbie In Ear Recommendations use with Hiby R6 Pro DAP- Balanced?

    Hi there. Long time audiophile/music lover here that is just discovering high definition digital audio. My main question is about IEMs (I think that's right?) in-ear plugs/buds to use with the balanced output of my new DAP. Let me provide some context/use/budget...may be a short timeline of my...