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    Looking for something very specific....and not finding it.

    I'm looking for something very specific and can't seem to find it.  The microphone/button on my Klipsch s2m went out and I'm looking for a replacement, but I'm kind of picky.  Unlike most on here, I'm not necessarily looking for the absolute best sound.  The Klipsch certainly didn't give it to...
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    need suggestion for portable phones

    I would get the SR80s for the money. They use the same driver as the SR60s but I find the pads much more comfortable. The sound is about the same (couldn't tell the difference though that changes as you go up their line).
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    Need New Earphones, Have Some Screwy Priorities...

    I've owned a pair of Shure E3c earphones for about 3 years now and the plastic of the cables that loops around the ears has started cracking on both sides. Sadly, I've found that this is a more common problem with Shure earphones than I'm sure they would like to admit. Anyway, I really like the...
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