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    Yamaha HPH-200 (Pictures and review) [Updated]

      I've given these a listen and a bit of a comparison to the ESW9's. The ESW9's appear to be more detailed, with more sub bass and a generally more refined sound. That's not to say the HPH-200's aren't any good - they have a benefit as far as comfort goes - much less "clampy". The HPH-200's do...
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    Yamaha EPH-100

    Quote: How dodgy!   How did you pay for them?
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    Yamaha EPH-100

    I am still waiting on mine from Audio Affair to be received in Australia. I have checked the Royal Mail tracking code they gave me and it says the item has landed in Australia on the 7th of June but I haven't received it and if I had, I doubt that there would be any update to the shipping...
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    Yamaha EPH-100

    my audioaffair order has just shipped. woo hoo. :)
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    Yamaha EPH-100

    i was wondering what the holdup was too... :) all good.
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    Someone put an end to my IEM frustration.

    the yamaha eph 100's at exeltek are now on backorder, eta July :-( i suppose they will be worth the wait when i finally get them :-)
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    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    I am thinking of super-gluing the part while I try and arrange for a replacement bit... and like others here, am wondering how the hell to dismantle the things. I can't undo screw 22 with the cup there in the way and I can't detach the cup from the hinge (17)
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    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    Well, I'm going to join the 'ESW9 Broken Joint Case Club' as well. Anyone know the best way to get the replacement parts to Australia?
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    Urgent: For working out and car-duty...anything I should look at besides iPod Nano?

    I'd be looking at a Sansa Clip instead... good for work-outs.
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    Fiio E3/E5 vs. Total Airhead

    Quote: Originally Posted by Benaiir So the airhead sucks for the money? It depends on whether you value crossfeed or not, really.
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    Equipment for DJing

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT Pioneer mixers are really not good sounding. For good sound, you should go the Allen & Heath route or Urei 1620. The new digital Pioneer mixers (DJM700/800/1000) are heaps better sound quality than the older ones (DJM500/600). But yeah those...
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    To raise 8k frequencies on a 5-band equalizer

    If you got a player that is rockbox-able, you can set the EQ parameters in that as well.
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    The Day the Zunes Stood Still

    Quote: Originally Posted by kmhaynes Yeah, I'm a computer program Aha! I always suspected it! :P
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    Please help - Best headphones for big beat music

    I like my Audio Technica ESW9's for psychedelic trance... would have generally the same musical elements with faster speed (130-150bpm)