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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Just want to say thanks for all the work you put into this thread, although it's hurt my wallet a bit. First the RE0, then the Turbines, then the Mi-9 and now the Klipsch S2. I saw they were $21 at amazon and thought the design looked right to wear under a full face helmet with hopefully more...
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    What is the most comfortable phone...why?

    HD-590, it just disappears on the head.
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    KSC-35's came today, What

    Best price/performance ratio around. But even amped, which really helps them, they still have their same deficiencies(though less so) compared to most more expensive phones. Scratchy highs, boomy bass and imaging/soundstaging that leaves something to be desired, yet still sound pretty damn...
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    iPod Shuffle

    No trouble here. I just keep it in my pocket, set it for shuffle and if I'm not in the mood for a particular song, I forward it. Great little player, it gets good bass into er-4p's, I like the SQ from it, simple to use. You should have jumped on that deal, man.
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    anyone have the OTHER UE's??

    Quote: Originally Posted by mr.karmalicious Hmmm... what, exactly, do you mean by 'receive'? Through a combination of a missing "c" in canalphone typo and a misunderstanding of the marketing people, they received them in a most original way. It's not something the "receivers"...
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    Just got a MDR-V500DJ. Sounds bad.

    Quote: Originally Posted by zChan At least burn it in before making decisions. Burn it in what? I suggest a pot bellied stove this winter to help heat the house.
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    BOSE triport rating

    Quote: Originally Posted by EvilDwarf Some funny reviews there. " I swear the frequency curve on this thing must look like an M." LOL!! Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week, what a great crowd. I'm glad someone liked my review.
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    Post Your Top 3 FPS!

    BF42-Give me a Tiger and I'll mess up your day UT series-So many flavors of fun HL2-Great storyline and graphics...anyone get a HL2 flashback when seeing War of the Worlds tripods?
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    First Time Opeth > Any Suggestions???

    I like'em all, even Damnation and Ghost Reveries, listening to Beneath The Mire now. Yea, Blackwater Park and Still Life are probably the best to get feet wet in Opeth.
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    Looking for studio headphones

    The Sony V6 and AKG 240 have been a staple in the industry for years. AKG came out with the 271s not too long ago for the same market.
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    what headphones have TIGHT IMPACTFUL BASS that you can feel?

    Quote: Originally Posted by South_Korean noob qustion, if a headpone like htis is supposed to be punchy, then wouldnt have to be tight? Not nessisarilly, it could have a lot and get some impact, but still be loose.
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    what headphones have TIGHT IMPACTFUL BASS that you can feel?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tkam The Beyer DT770s and Grado PS-1's are tops in the bass impact department. I'm not sure the 770 has what could be called tight bass. There's a lot of it and it goes deep, but it's not nearly as tight as Grados bass.
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    sealed headphones, around $150

    The A500 would work too, if you plan on using it as a portable.
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    sennheiser HD202, is it good?

    After listening to the 202, I can't recommend it. It's bass just overpowers everything. May I suggest the koss ksc-75? Personally, I think it would work with what you listen to much better. They call the 75 and ksc-35 baby Grados around here because they have a similar sound and that works well...
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    Looking for Phones to pair with M-Cube Amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by dmb367 I think its kinda hard to pair a specific headphone with an M3, simply because every phone I have sounds awesome on it. Same here, everything from the 27ohm er-4p to the 300 ohm 580 sounds great from my 8065 M3.