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    Price reduced to $1070.
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    Looking to sell my Campfire Solaris 2020. Reason for selling is I’d like to go more in the direction of speakers. Comes with: All original accessories. (3X CA Foamies, 3X CA Silicon, 3X Symbio W) tips.
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    [WTB] Lotoo Paw S1

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a Paw S1. Please contact me if looking to sell yours. Thanks!
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    Campfire - Solaris

    I’m loving the sound of my Solaris 2020 directly through the 3.5mm jack on my MacBook Air. Strangely, it’s the best pairing I’ve heard yet. Is there anything I can do to further squeeze everything out of the Solaris? I’ve tried the SR25 DAP but didn’t like the synergy together.
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    [WTS] Astell&Kern SR25 (With Black Case)

    Hey guys, Looking to sell my Astell & Kern SR25 DAP with included black leather case. I am the second owner. I do have the original receipt of purchase and will gladly provide it for you. It was only used by me for around 30 minutes tops. Reason for selling is I need extra funds at the...
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    Campfire - Solaris

    Thanks! I’ve actually been eyeing the S1 It’s not a bad DAP but it just doesn’t pair to my liking with my Solaris. I’m guessing because of the output impedance.
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    Astell & Kern SR25: The next A&norma player

    My SR25 is arriving on Monday and this will be my exact pairing, using 2.5mm BAL. Can’t wait!
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    [SOLD] ALO Audio MMCX to 2.5mm Smoky Litz Cable

    Hey guys, I’m selling my ALO Audio Smoky Litz 2.5mm MMCX cable. Gently used for a few hours. 10/10 condition. Comes with box and draw bag.
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    Wow, even over the newer SR25? That’s a statement. I’m really interested in learning more about this DAP.
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    [FS] Woo Audio Headphone Stand (Single) (HPS-R) Black

    Hey guys, For sale is my Woo Audio Headphone stand in Black. Used for under a month, practically brand new. No scratches, marks or defects. Mint. Asking $110USD or $145 CAD. Thanks!
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    Campfire - Solaris

    Would the 2020 be a good pairing with my iFi Micro BL?