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    [BOUGHT] [WTB] Hifiman Ananda / Audeze LCD-2 pre Fazor / LCD2C - Worldwide

    They don't :) They sound infinitely better and are some of the best warm headphones available *period*
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    [BOUGHT] [WTB] Hifiman Ananda / Audeze LCD-2 pre Fazor / LCD2C - Worldwide

    Only just bought them, will have to wait for them to arrive haha! Thank you though!
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    Can I/How do I paint a Schiit Amp?

    Yeah I've heard a lot of good things! I *do* worry about resale since it's irreversible... But like, what else can I do haha ^_^ This colour is gorgeous
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    Hifiman Ananda

    Yeah I plan to treat them carefully :) Just need a nice stand to display them on now. Not that great with impressions though, what do I say D: I have liked every headphone I've tried haha
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    Got a mjolnir and a modius in the mail, gonna paint them both pink. Very hyped for these
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    Hifiman Ananda

    Just picked up a set of these for $620. Should arrive tuesday or wednesday. Hype! Anything to expect from the headphone or things to do? Been told to treat it carefully as it can be a bit fragile ^_^
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    [WTB] [UK] Headphone Stand

    Hello I want to buy a fancy stand, I wanted the headsup standing one but that is too expensive so I thought i'd ask you guys. Ebay just has tat and amazon ones dont appeal to me all that much. It's 3:30 at the moment and I'm not all here in the head. Feel free to let me know what you have...
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    [WTS/T] Campfire Audio Cascades

    There is normally a little screw and bit of plastic that holds the cup onto the headband rod, this is missing, so theres basically a rod and a hole, the rod goes in the hole, but isnt secured inside of it. So, you can just pull it off the rod. Like I said though, its one little thing you could...
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    WTB: Hifiman Ananda, United States

    If you find someone selling them at this price lemme know too lol
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    [WTS/T] Campfire Audio Cascades Have some timestamps and pictures from my reddit. Great condition but the left earcup can be pulled off, doesn't fall off unless you pull it. I enjoy them but I really want to buy some LCD 2s or Hifiman Anandas, so im selling/trading to fund that. Comes with all...
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    [BOUGHT] [WTB] Hifiman Ananda / Audeze LCD-2 pre Fazor / LCD2C - Worldwide

    EDIT: found some, closed! Looking for any of the above headphones really. In order of desire: Hifiman Ananda LCD2 Pre fazor LCD2C Looking for good solid planars. I want to spend no more than $500, but would consider stretching depending on location condition accessories etc. Also...