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    GTA Spring 2016 meet

    I'm down for Thornhill. Also, if anyone needs a ride up, I can bring people from Finch Station.
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    GTA/Toronto Meet - May 28 2016

    It was great seeing everyone again, and especially making ambchang finally enjoy the HD800.   For anyone interested in building a wire, here is a link to where you can get more info.
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    GTA Spring 2016 meet

    If I haven't said that I would be there, I am now!   I'll be bringing a Hegel HD12 and "The Wire" balanced (which might be in a plastic tub for now) and most likely some Laphroaig for everyone to play with.
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    Kicking off 2016 with a Toronto / GTA meet on Saturday January 30th

    I hope there will be balanced sources present, because I will most likely have a Wire Bal-Bal ready by then, just itching to be tested...
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