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    Westone 3, nearly new--SOLD

    Joins and only post is this for sale. I would stay away from this. Heed the warning given about scammers.
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    iRiver IHP 120

    It's not computer OS specific. The firmware is a file you place on the player and update via the player. -Pony
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    Rockbox'ed Sansa Fuze opinions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bba1973 Does Doom work on a Rockboxed Fuze? Yes
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    Please Help Me Find a Good MP3 Player!!!!

    Like TheBigCW, I purchased a refurbished Fuze from Tiger Direct and it is a V1 (version 1) for which RockBox works. The Fuze looks like new with 'REFURB' etched on the back. I highly recommend the player. -Pony
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    FS: Westone UM2 (SOLD)

    Would you be interested in anything in way of a trade (earphones, sources,...)?
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    Refurbed 8GB Fuzes

    Received mine. It's a V1!!!!!! It came in a white box. It looks perfectly new. It has 'REFURB' etched on the back. -Pony
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    Westone 1 and 2? Anyone tried them?

    I've had the UM1s and UM2s, not the W1s or W2s. The UM2s are a great pair of earphones, and if the W2s are anything like them, I would highly recommend them. -Pony
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    Klipsch X5 cabling issues =(

    Quote: Originally Posted by noisecancelationheadphone 2 years reading forum and just started making a thread? that's sad. Some people only post when they have a valid question or something worthwhile to contribute; not when the want to show how much of an ass they are.
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    Westone 3 vs 10?

    You may want to check out the UM3X if your are looking for something similar but less fun than the W3s.
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    Westone 3 vs 10?

    I've only had the TF10s a couple of days, but, compared to my W3s, I find that the low bass is lighter/muddier and the mid bass less punchy. Also, the sound stage TF10 is good, but condensed compared to the W3s. These are the main differences I find. To me, they have a similar sound signature...
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Also received my TF10s today. Right off they sounded great. Sometimes with new earphones, there is an adjustment period to get familiar with the sound. Not so here. Compared to my W3s, I find that the low bass is lighter and the mid bass less punchy. Also, the sound stage is good, but condensed...
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    Sansa Fuze or Clip+. Westone 2, 3, or UM3X Sennheiser IE8 RE0 is you want to save some $$
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Shipped. Estimated delivery for Monday the 21st. I just hope they get here by Tuesday, before I leave town. -Pony
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    Cheapest online prices for Westone 3?

    Check out the for sale forum here : Used W3s. Don't think you will get a better deal. You should be good for the remainder of the warranty. -Pony