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    Is it worth it?

    I would not spend less than 45$-65$ just because it is affordable doesnt mean it has to sound bad
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    I need Help QUICK

    I like the u7 but I have heard of them breaking how did you fry it?   i dont like creative but this should be in stock not sure if it has sound out like you want but it does have a remote control  ...
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    Looking for Recomendations

    I dont have a recommendation for you but keep in mind you will need some kind of powered amp to run most of those  for instance the senheizer are 300ohms not sure if your computer has a sound card with amp outputs or you need an external amp
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    Whats the difference between the ATH AD500/700X and the ADG1X

    if you have never heard the AD700X before why would you ask a silly question like would it improve the sound of your gaming? you have heard neither headphone before, so compared to what? I do own the A700X and they are great headphones and I used them for gaming in the past. but they are old...
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    Need help finding my first quality headphones

    770 is closed headphone 880 are semi open so people can hear what you are listening to    open have a better sound stage and more accurate bass close do get a little warm after a few hours   beyerdynamic also sell their headphones with different ohms the higher the ohm, the more power you...
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    External hard drive array is a hundred times slower now?

    these things do fail over time thankfully they are alot cheaper now check this one out, as long as you dont need to access files over the internet via a cloud   if you have spare hard drive, you can reformat it remove all the other drives and put the...
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    Best Open Back Headphones Under $300?

    I like fiio  but I wouldnt really call portable USB charged amp/dacs high quality, bruh sure, they are great for on the go and with laptops but not if you gonna drop 300$ on headphones that may or may not improve your experience 
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    Newbie Setup with Raspberry PI

    sounds pretty neat what exactly is the purpose of the raspberry pi?  you want it to play the digital music?
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    Recommend me a good sound card pls

    U3 is kind of low class, if he has money to burn go with the U7 or better   Im not sure what you mean you want your sound card to be 5.1 stereo    you want to run surround sound from your laptop? do you have a home theater or something? you need to think about if you need toslink optical...
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    Best overall headphones for $200?

    audio technica m50x and beyerdynamic are still the best even though they are about 150$ unless you plan to go over 300$ get one of these    m50x is a closed headphone with louder bass the beyerdynamic are semi open and come in different ohm versions    (m50x is about 38ohms) but I...
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    $100-150 range...with mic if possible?

    none of those are gonna have a mic I also have some 700's that keep dying, the frame keeps breaking in different places and I am tired of repairing it...   you can also try beyerdynamics but be sure to get 80 or the 250 ohm versions 770 or 990 are good I think   you also need to decide if...
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    are there counterfeit audio technica m50x going around?

    this seller is selling refurbished headphones in clear plastic bags without boxes, he has sold over 500 of them I dont see how many headphones could have been returned or needed to be refurbished how do you even refurbish new headpones? I have never heard of audio technica selling refubished...
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    Asus Xonar U7 DAC/AMP Impressions Thread

    Can this be plugged into a USB to A/C plug to power from a wall socket? so I can use it as a portable amp to power things like gameboys and ipads?   also, does this transfer ground loop noise from a PC? I am worried because it is USB only.
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