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    Radio Controlled Car-Fi

    Recently got back into racing Kyosho Mini Z's at a local track here.       Even ended up picking up the newer MR03 with the 2.4ghz ASF boards. The newer autoscale bodies are so damn pretty and detailed.  
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    Battery-fi (rechargeable & non-rechargeable)

    For anything that isn't very demanding (i.e. draws low current) the Eneloops are hard to beat as rechargeables. This is especially the case if the batteries are going to be sitting in whatever you're using for a long time.
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    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote:   Congrats! I saw that ad this morning and noticed it disappeared quite quickly. If you ever decide to get rid of the 717 for an upgrade, I'm interested in taking it off your hands
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    Stax SR-507 - Sept. 1, 2010 , Stax SR-207 - Oct. 1, 2010 What!!

    Only listen to the SR507s for a week then go back to your other phones and you'll start to realize many things wrong with them.
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    Sneaker-Fi (or Shoe-Fi)

    Quote:   Ended up picking up another pair...    
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    If you're a fan of The Farside you might like my webcomic

    Just wanted to say I've been following your comic daily. You're doing really well, I even see your comics show up elsewhere in funny picture compilations now and then.   Keep up the great work 
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    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Yes, can someone please move it back. It's quite annoying having to sift through thirty "what should I buy" threads 
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    FREE: Monster Jamz IEM giveaway

    Another fellow Canadian offering a giveway... I guess its true that we are the nicest people on Earth. Thanks for offering this 
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    A5 or HD595? a.k.a. Speakers or Headphone?

    None that I know of. They are hard to find used as well... I guess people love them too much to sell them.   Better start saving 
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    SRS for iWOW for iPhone and iPod

    If it's anything like SRS for your computer, it's going to be something that's impressive at first but also something that you'll learn to hate... and end up not using.
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    Grado RS1i or straight to LCD-2 for rock?

    Quote: The LCD-2 is much darker compared to the SR-202.
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    Upgrading from AudioEngine A5s to Adam A7s?

    I was in a similar situation a while ago, except it because I couldn't stand the lack of clarity on the Audioengine A5's.   I wanted a significant upgrade, and the two main monitors I looked at were the Adam A7's and the Dynaudio BM5A. If you look into them a bit, you'll find that the A7's...
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    Winter jackets

    Quote: I don't think ski/snowboarding jackets are really considered fashionable or trendy. If you're worried about being too trendy, then it would be staying away from Canada Goose or Parajumpers, although those are actually pretty functional.   That said, look into some down-filled...
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    New to Stax srs 2050 ll, converter needed?

    If it's from Yama, it should be the US voltage version.   Check the voltage on the wall wart. It should read the same as this:  
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    Why is it so expensive to ship to Canada?

    Ship with the cheapest method (First-Class International). It's dirt cheap and stuff still gets there in around 2 weeks, often less. A 3lb package with pretty large dimensions (over 12" length) only cost me $13.50.