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    New iPod Bag

    What a dick...enough money for nine iPods and he's still using the stock buds ***!
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    Is it the right time for iHP-120?

    If I were in your position, and if you're not in a hurry, wait and see if the firmware upgrades actually materialise. Make sure the iHP is right for you as well. Will you really use all the features? Try it out before you buy it if you can. If you're essentially just looking to listen to mp3s...
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    iPod - the kleenex of MP3 players?

    Sure, iPod IS synonymous with "mp3 player" lately for the majority of people...but then what about Walkman? I know things are slightly different, in that Apple didn't invent the hardisk mp3 player, but perhaps things will follow a similar trend over the next few years.
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    i River Hp-140,,,

    double post
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    i River Hp-140,,,

    Quote: Originally Posted by capa_robert_san Hello, I played with i river hp-140 just now. <p> Those are my opinions---------------- <p>I think unit is very solid, its design remind of me old sony walkman. <p>Sound quality is good. <p>But it is so complecated to use.a lot of functions...
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    iPod vs. iHP: LOADING & MANAGING MUSIC: The Showdown

    just out of interest, much music is that in real terms, i.e. hours of music or number of tracks? Also, what program do you use to play that music?
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    iPod vs. iHP: LOADING & MANAGING MUSIC: The Showdown

    Quote: Originally Posted by pank2002 the only one I've tried - used my all of my systemresources. Then, you might like to know, 4.5 (came out last week) uses much less resources than the previous version.
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    iPod vs. iHP: LOADING & MANAGING MUSIC: The Showdown

    bangra, I think what pank means is that there isn't a list of songs currently queued up... the thing at the top just shows the one song currently playing. But in iTunes 4.5 there is a little button by that display which will take you to the place in your library where the currently playing song...
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    iPod users really ARE morons. (evidence)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Textual Intercou now here's an idea, we could linux bash! I'll start, linux is slow, inferior, and programmed by communists I'll have to remember that for my iPod firmware arguments over at iPodlounge!
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    iAudio M3 customer reviews

    Yeah I think both the guys said something along those lines. Maybe companies are now just making stock earphones as bizarre as they can, cos they know people aren't going to use them? Bit disturbed about the problem the guy had with the remote. Have to find some other comments. Also, it sounds...
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    iAudio M3 customer reviews

    I've been searching for proper reviews (as opposed to product previews) of this for a while, so thought you all might want a read. Not particularly insightful reviews, but some practical details you might find useful or interesting:
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    ipod 40gb vs iriver ihp140

    I second what Divad says (hey Div, 'sup) - I had the iPod and now have iHP ( changed cos I found the battery life annoying, would switch back if they fixed it), but for most people (i.e. those who are only interested in playing music), I think the only advantages iHP has is battery life and WMA...
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    Just sold my Ipod nee some advice.

    Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinz But I'm a little worried about how they manage the music on the device. I use to own an IFP with 128 megs and the folder structure was fine for a small ammount of songs, yet my currrent music collection is approx 18gig and in 1,343 folders. I also...
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    Help cleaning...

    Well if you're gonna winge... I'd say just use the q-tips unless the white stuff is dried on, no point in risking getting water in there if it's not 100% neccessary.
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    iaudio m3 at amazon (1-2 weeks)

    Wow, GO Amazon on that price drop. I do really like the look of the iAudio. Gotta love the traffic light setup at the top of the unit, very classic star trek. My main concerns are: How fast/easy to use the interface is (something approaching that of the iPod would be preferred. I'm getting a...