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    Comply tips - how long to they last?

    thanks for all the responses guys, I'm gonna go order a pack
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    How much isolation from Denon C700?

    I think I need to try some of those complys
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    How to properly charge and prolong the life of Lithium batteries

    interesting read... thanks for the links
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    BOSE Quiet Comfort 3 Sound Quality

    I tried on a friend's QC2 about a week ago, I remember being pretty impressed by the noise cancelling and the comfort, but for the money, I agree with the IEM's
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    The Sony S638f....My little review.....Its awesome!

    Hmm, Ive also got the S618F player, now I'm curious about this new S638 Are there any differences between the 438's and 638's besides the better quality headphones included?
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    MP3 player with best SQ under $150

    Sony! The NWZ players have incredible battery life. I can't compare sound quality to the other players mentioned, as I used the minidiscs players before I got my S618 (old model) but I'm sure it wouldn't dissapoint.
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    It's official, Apple iBuds make you sterile!

    Oh good, I've never owned a set of them guess Im safe for now
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    What is so horrible about Skullcandy's anyway?

    Fit. I tried on a pair once, and they had very badly designed earpads with little padding, didn't fit well at all and weren't comfortable.
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    Rockhopper Mini^3

    Wow, those silver cases look much nicer! much more professional looking too... I had a black one and they are nice little amps, though I notice the price also jumped up a bit from when I bought mine.
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    First headphones after discovering Head-Fi

    Denon C700's based on reviews I read here, fantastic set of earphones! Got'em during the amazon sale for 100 bucks.
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    Portable Amp for Home Use?

    Mini^3? You can plug them in and use it while its recharging or take the battery out and just use it with the wall wart. Didn't remember having any noise issues on mine.
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    Grado sr-125, would an (entry level) amp benefit its sound?

    I have SR80's and also had and recently sold a Mini^3 amp. From what I remember, I did not notice a significany improvement in sound from just adding in a amp. I remember the biggest improvement came from using a DAC. I had a headphonia DAC cable running out of my computer into the Mini^3 and...
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    What are the best tips for Denon C700/751s?

    Are there any general advantages/disadvantages to silicone vs foamy tips? Does one type generally tend to isolate or stay in better than the other or is it all down to make / model / preference?
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    Official Denon AH-C700 Comparisons/Impressions

    I do wipe them down regularly... but mostly with paper towels & a little water. Ill give the antiseptic stuff a try, or just rubbing alcohol