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    Vision M: Bass Question.

    i listened to my friends shuffle with my E4's...and frankly, thats the worst sounding player i've ever heard in my life. The bass is a faint pop, its loaded with hiss, and it sounds horrible. I don't know if the EQ was on or not...but their was heavy hiss. The only apple product that sounds...
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    FS: iAudio X5 20GB

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    After Market Headphone Cables...what do they do?

    Sorry, i know this is probably a noob question to all of you head-fi experts but what does recabling do? Does it change the sound? Eliminate static.... also, i have E4's. Would recabling them make them better in some way???
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    Which ipod rumor are you buying into?

    the iPods battery isn't powerhungry. In fact, nothing about the iPod is power hungry, except H.264, apples most wonderful power hog codec. Thats why the battery life sucks for movies...
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    DAP with bigest bass?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch Mach3bass and BBE on the X5 will only hurt sound quality even more when you use them with a good IEM like the UM2. These features are designed to enhance the quality of stock earbuds and cheap consumer phones, not professional-quality stage monitors...
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    Why do you like bass ( deepness , impact , blablabla ) ??

    it gets me pumped up when i work out...probably adds +5% to whatever i can do...It gives the music the BANG it needs...however mids are very important too!
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    Got my iAudio X5L 30 GB - questions

    Here is a review i made: the video is pretty bad on it. I would not recommend it for video.
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    Zen Vision (NOT M) audio questions

    Hey i have a couple questions to ask about the normal zen vision (not M). 1) How is the audio quality? I've heard it's pretty good. I currently have an iAudio X5, how do these compare (if anyone has ever tried both). Hows the EQ? Is the bass response good? (i don't want the pop pop sound, i...
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    What MP3 Player for my spec?

    you should check overstock or ebay for a Rio MP3 player. they went out of business (Sigmatel bought them) and they were the best sounding MP3 players ever. They had GAPLESS playback and crossfaiding, and where hailed by everyone as the best sounding mp3 player ever. In fact, the RIO karma is...
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    H320, iA X5 or Zen Vision M?

    i say the ZVM. If it sounds as good as my ancient Nomad Xtra, its worth it. That thing sounded pretty good. On the other hand, the X5's BBE is tantalizing. I love it. I'm hooked on it. It sounds great. It improves the clarity ten fold. But then you lose the mids somewhat (and i have shures)...