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    6xx vs 58x

    I also have the BasX amp, but have lately been using my JDS Labs Atom more. Mainly because the BasX had more of a niche usage than I expected, the resistors have an effect on the FR and can change how your headphones sound (some in a good way, some not). Using the jumpers to bypass the resistors...
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    6xx vs 58x

    They do pair well with the 990s since the mids and overall timbre are just a different ballgame with the Sennheisers. There was not a huge difference sound-wise between the 6xx and the 58x when I had them together. I'd say go for the 58x if you're going the used route because they can be found...
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    Beginner looking for recommendations

    The DT990 has good bass and is fast enough that stuff like metal/hardcore or high-bpm EDM doesn't sound muddy or congested. The instruments stand out sharply due to the treble detail. But the overall sound was kind of thin, everything sounds like it's lacking a bit of body to the sound (kind of...
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    Beginner looking for recommendations

    I had the HD598 open back version for a while and I also found that it didn't benefit much from amping (though, I did find the bass response got more slam and seemed a bit tighter). Do you like the sound of your HD598s? And what kind of music do you usually listen to? The DT990s are a very...
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    JDS Labs ATOM Amp

    Not sure how useful this is since their specs seem a bit less sensitive than the Westones, but my Moondrop Starfields had zero audible noise at any volume level with Atom + SDAC. I was actually kind of shocked because even the Audioquest Dragonfly brings in some noise, Atom has been dead quiet...
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    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    When considering the great headphones you can get around the $200 price point now, I agree that the jump in sound and build quality clearly has diminishing returns at this price level. As a consumer, I'd also say around $350 would be more fair for the Teaks. That said, while that's what my...
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    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    Got these recently directly from E-MU. It's been hard reaching for my other headphones, the sound is such a delight and easy to listen for hours. It doesn't have the detail of something like the DT1990, but it's got enough to be a step-up from < $200 stuff. Like others, I'm a bit iffy on the pad...
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    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have AKG Q701 (love the sound signature and soundstage) Stax SR-202 (transparency and speed) Hifiman 4xx (great smooth mids) Want to try HD6xx or equivalent (due to the hype around their god-like mids and timbre) HD800 (legendary status in my book for a long time due to its price) Focal line...
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    Getting started and need some help...

    As with all second-hand experiences, take this with a grain of salt. But my friend plays a lot of CSGO and we recently did a shootout with various mid-fi headphones such as Sennheiser HD598, AKG Q701, Hifiman 4xx, Audio Technica AD900x, etc. His top winner has consistently been the Beyerdynamic...
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    What Headphones Got You Hooked On Good Sound?

    Got double hit back when the budget Monoprice stuff was FOTM (8320 IEM and their DJ headphones). But it wasn't until the Q701 that I really felt awed and bit with the unstoppable bug.
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    Recommendation for warm full-size headphones?

    Hi everyone. So for the longest time, I was pretty satisfied by the sound from my AKG Q701s and never really felt the need to replace them as my daily drivers. Even now, they're my favorite set of headphones alongside the Stax SR-202 Basic. I love the detail and speed that these headphones...
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    Sony MDR-CD900ST, why don't these get more love?

    Just recently got a pair of these. At first, I was pretty turned off by them because the narrow soundstage combined with the detail made it feel almost claustrophobic. But now that I've gotten used to it, it's been eye-opening for me to see that this level of separation and imaging is possible...
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    AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

    I finally received the pads you suggested and wow, they are perfect! They don't thin out the sound like the Brainwavz pads and they made the bass cleaner than with the stock pads. I had fiddled around with some mods to the k340 to try and get the echoey mids out while retaining the bass, these...
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    Vintage Playback 60

    Wow, interesting find! Have any more impressions of them coming up? I've been looking into vintage headphones lately and came across the Rystl a few times, but haven't been able to find many details about how they sound.
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    What’s your headphone collection methodology? Do you have some type of master plan to your purchases, and if so, what is it?

    My initial plan was just moving up the budget ladder until I reached a point where I didn't hear significant jumps in quality between headphones. I recently made my way up to a STAX Basic system, which I feel like will be as good as it gets under $500. Now I'm just interested in checking out a...