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    My pc wish list/what else do I need?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MikeW Eh.. intel can't even claim to have dominance over AMD for Video/Audio/Rendering anymore. They are solidly trumped by AMD's offerings. That was back in the 2000-2003 range where intel was beating amd at those task. Amd's been on top since the A64. And...
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    My pc wish list/what else do I need?

    you say you want it as quite as possible. I had the same dilemma. The basic components you want: Pentium-m dothan (speed is up to you) Suitable motherboard that allows you to use 3rd party heatsinks (msi has one) Thermalright xp-120 heatsink fanless psu that has no hum (i have a...
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    WTB> Sharp MD-DR77 and Sharp IM-DR80

    ive got a dr-7 for you, they`re practically the same.
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    FS: DR-7 & R50

    Ive got a Sharp Md-dr7 and a sony md-r50 for sale. The units come with their corresponding remotes. The units are fully functional, except that the R50 doesnt record anymore. They are sold seperatly, unless you want both ofcourse The reason for selling is the purchase of a HD5 I havent...
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    Piece of critic on Grado!

    just wondering hans, you bought it in NL? How could you justify it, to buy it in NL. I hate grado for their price-policy in europe. Its stupid we have to be 1.5 times the amount of money for a headphone
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    Here its exactly the same. My dad is always sceptic about my potential purchase. I just let him whine for a little time, let the subject die. I buy the stupid product. He uses it sometimes, is convinced and wants one for himself. Always the same story. My tft screen, keyboards. And for the...
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    Shure E2c or E3c

    i must agree with solvexyz. You`d be better of if you go for the e3 right now. If you get the e2, youll like them initially but after that you will start wondering what the e3 would be like. After that youll start wondering what the e4 are like , but you are on a budget. And the e3 are the best...
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    IC/FS Sharp DR-7/Dr-480 Md-recorder

    Looking to sell this recorder. Its in 8.5-9/10 condition, no dents just wearing on the battery door of the unit (not mechanically just aesthetically) and minor scuffs on the back. Unit is fully functional. Sale includes the velvet pouche, battery case, the charger (220V) the silver dr-7 and 2...
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    Problem with SR-225s

    Quote: Originally Posted by pedxing Many recordings are imbalanced. And man do i hate that. Very annoying when one side is louder than the other, you dont notice it on speakers but with headphones you do. Why did they do that, that imbalanced thing?
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    my extremely short dt880 v. hd650 review

    i dont know how you can say that the build quality of the senns are better than those of the beyers. One of the reasons I choose the beyers over the senns was the build quality of the beyers. The beyers are a lot more robust
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    Smallest, Most easy to conceal ear buds or ear phones?

    i think any in-ear phone will do, especially the ones that have behind the ear cables. I too have somewhat longish hair. YOU will notice the earbuds, people around you wont. People start talking to me thinking i can hear them, i dont because i have my shures in. They just dont notice them
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    Be Aware of Shell Brook Lab

    Wll drew kept his promise, package is sent out and i have my trackingno. He even included a silver mini-mini interconnect, making up for the ridiculously long waiting time I suppose. Cant wait to receive it
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    Be Aware of Shell Brook Lab

    well i see drewd posted here, but no comment on my amp? He didnt even sent a reply to my pm's here. The dude should hire some qualified people to help him sort his stuff out, this just isnt working.
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