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Headphone Inventory
Audiotechnika ATH-AD900
Audiotechnika ATH-ES88 - these earphones are something great, from time of the real musicality/earsuit...
Audiotechnika ATH-W5000
Creative aurvana - soud of them is realy surprising - crispy, detailed, well balanced and wide sound, but no sharp...
Dunu DN-2002 - very harmonic, wide and balanced sound.
ToneKing Lucifer - most comfortable IEM i have used. Need some small midification, but sound is very fluid, musical.
ToneKing V10 alias AGATE - it´s about life feeling, life touching from music...full review is here.
Already sold:
Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 WH - new eage of earsuit - for me, very strong bass
Phonon 4000 black - extremly dark backround /it´s mean, i missed many microdetails from the music/, realy strong and deep bass /for me/. Verygood for the rock, metal, or probably big orchesters... No for ambient or silky neoclassic music...
MrSpeakers Ethers pre flow - extremly comfortable, very nice and build, little bit heavy but no to much. Sound - smooth, no so crispy, strong bass but no bummy, just little bit less dynamic, highst little bit low, and my feelings was - all freqencies was little bit dark, and less microdetails and separations, when i compare them with ATH 5000 or etc. Soundstage was good, and sound was more front of me than in my head, what was great.
Tago Studio T3-01 - full size but still portable headphones. Extremly musical, coherent sound, with full body, very well build, definitely like them - with balanced cable is TOP around 1000€.
Headphone Amp Inventory
S.M.S.L Sanskrit Pha - extremly small and extremly low weight amp by construction. But sound, for this price - i love him and keep at this time for sure. Silky, detailed, no any noice or etc, crispy and full body sound, very wide soundstage, voices very natural... for this price /80€/, i think, find something beter is veeeery hard, only if you will buy something used.
Furutech STRATOS preamp/DAC and headphone amp - perfect device, musical, very futured, all what you need...
Source Inventory
Colorfly C4PRO - i love him, from first look, he catch me definitely...
QLS-360MOD - very wel build, balanced and silky sound. This DAP is made as forever. I love him.
Oriolus - DP100 old school device, just about music, created clever. Very powerfull. Just maybe little bit more transparent sound. But i like it.
F.Audio FA3S - it´s clone of Fiio 3 player, but modifited, used Cirrus chip - very easy to use, soft warm sound, very musical, for daily pocket best device.
Pioneer PD-J6 - no best, but realy good CD player -sold already
Astin Trew AT3500 - one of the best CD player on the market, with one of the most analogue sound.
QLS-360MOD - extermly silky sound, extremly balanced, clear, wide bud still enaugh dynamic sound.
Shanling A2.1 - great build, perfect operation, very quite. Inside little bit simple, and still a lot of place for upgrade or modification - beter cable roads, capacitors or etc. Sound - veeery silky and natural, balanced, strong and fast bass, very deep, highst no harsh, but also little bit low as spose to be /if you have right speakers, is perfect, if you have speakers with low highst you miss/.Soundstage is great, definitely, more deep than wide, bust wide still enaugh. One thing is crap - headphone socket. Unusable!!! I bummy, hummy, from midrange to highst nothing, even you will use harsh and sharp headphones.
Other Audio Equipment
Denon PMA-2000R - i think, about this amp i no need write anything. But any way - is fast, very fast. But little bit sharp. Extremly well build phono stage, and also headphone socket/amp. Amp for loooong life. Btw, i sold him, and bout Shanling - i prefer his sound, is much musicial and natural.
Audax speakers - made DIY - small, but they can easy fight with speakers around 20-25k USD.
Decware Zob - DIY speakers - just one word - DREAM!!!! I never expect, what and how can play one full range driver in open baffle box. It´s imagine, it´s fast, it´s invisible, is alive, is realy sound... Nothing play like that with cost under 2-3000€, or maybe more. It´s close like - Martin Logan electrostatic with dynamic bass driver.
QUAD S2 - book shelf speakers
DIY made Decware ZOB open bafle speakers - this is touching of paradise!
Music Preferences
Jazz, Lounge, Neo-classic, Nu-Jazz, Future jazz, Downtempo, Ambient, Singers,