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    best phones for air travel

    i have heard the shure's offer more bass than the ety's. do ppl agree with this assessment? zoot2boot: would the hd25s offer any sound isolation? as mentioned, i will be using on a plane a _lot_ and def want sth that will keep me from having to blast my ipod at full volume
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    ety 4p vs shure e5

    i am considering the ety 4p and the shure e5. the best prices i've found are approx $220 and $340 respectively. how do ppl feel about these 2 earphones head-to-head? is the e5 worth the extra $120 (yes, after reading ppl's posts i have up'ed my budget from the previous $100-200...) FYI, i do...
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    ecost has Shure e5c at sale price

    how would ppl compare the e5c at roughly $330 to ety 4ps at approx $220 at head-fi? what gives better bang for buck?
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    noise isolation

    how would you compare the noise isolation phones to noice cancellation ones from the likes of sony and bose?
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    best phones for air travel

    thanks for all the help, much appreciated! i think the shure e5s are outta my price range, but am still at a loss btwn the shure e3s and the ety p4s. i listen mainly to hiphop, R&B, pop, trance, and some vocals. what are ppl's thoughts btwn the 2 given these musical tastes? many thanks to...
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    Porsche Accident : Sad Story : Drive Carefully

    tragic... any story involving a fine automobile like a porsche turbo getting banged up brings tears to my eyes
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    who's going to take the NBA championships this year?

    my money is on the lakers over the pistons in 6. anybody else following the playoffs?
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    Troy, A Movie worth seeing this year so far.

    i'd also recommend the day after tomorrow. predictably bad acting and cheesy storyline at parts, but cool concept and amazing special effects
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    What to read?

    i'd recommend either da vinci code or digital fortress by dan brown, both are better than devils & angels i'd also recommend brett easton ellis' glamorama and the informers, but that's assuming you can tolerate sex and violence
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    I need a portable player and mobile phone. Nokia 3650?

    go for a p900 - triband GSM with GPRS, great screen, 0.3mp camera, full PDA functions (through symbian), and mp3 player off MS duo (not pro, so only up to 128mb) i personally don't use mine for music (i have an ipod mini) but would do, and you'd never miss a call b/c you were listening to music
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    How old are you?

    just turned 28
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    Computer question....

    get a sony-ericsson p900. i love mine and i surf the web, read news and email, and get weather forecasts automatically (through worldmate) all thru GPRS
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    Please help me with MS Excel!

    scroll lock is activated. you can deactivated by pressing again. on notebooks the scroll lock may be combined with another key (eg., home) in which case you can access it by pressing function + other key
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    my panerai power reserve in titanium want to buy a frank muller next...
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    earphone store in HK

    anybody know of any that would carry shure and ety?