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    Burson HA-160D vs Woo Audio WA6SE

    What about the AKG K70x? I'm deciding between these 2 amps for my AKG K702's..
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    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    I had issues with the right side of my JH16's too. Went to Jaben many many many times(i cant remember how many)... Sent it in for 3 times already and it has improved in terms of comfort but noise isolation is still equally poor. The left side unit is almost perfect(no issues at all) but right...
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    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    Hmm.. Im curious why there seems to be a trend of misfits for the right ear? I also experience discomfort for my earpieces when i insert mine. It feels like the piece is putting pressure on the soft tissues in the canal and causing discomfort. Feels like the part in the ear canal goes slightly...
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    JH13/JH16 "Order waiting" thread

    MY ORDER: JH16 Pro ORDERED:31/5/2010 JH Received molds:8/6/2010 Status:Email from Jaime says will be in the lab late next week(20-26 June). Order number:Unknown