Head Gear Reviews by PhonoPhi
  1. TRI I3

    4.50 star(s)
    A brief review. Most important points are already summarized in Pros & Cons. I have purchased TRI I3 entirely with my own money, so really my own opinion, not a "quasy-nonbiased" one. The purchase price was ~$120 ($150 Cad) on AE, without any extra coupons, while the price as low as $103-$105 was reported here - a really great deal for I3 given its overall capabilities, in my opinion. Box/accesories: nothing impressive or very useful for me. The tips were tossed away, I use wide bores. The pouch, while nice, is hardly practically useful. The cable...
  2. NiceHCK NX7 pro

    4.50 star(s)
    NX7 pro captivated me sufficiently to spend some time to put together this review. I bought NX7 pro for ~$95 (2.5 balanced) and offer my unsolicited & unbiased subjective opinion. My universe of IEMs is under $150 (and at the moment, instead of "moving up", rapidly improving ChiFi moves my way:)). My current quest was for more treble-rich IEMs, given treble limitations of C16 and AS12 and looking for more than C12. Packaging/accessories A very nice black box with all the colours of prints and images. It conveniently opens on a side and locks...