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    The NEW Sansa Clip+

    Quote: Originally Posted by sanka I wonder if the Clip+ has the same pitch problem as the Clip. The Clip plays all 44.1 kHz sample-rate files about a fifth of a semitone flat, which is noticeably out-of-tune to my ear. The question of whether this has been fixed on the Clip+ has been...
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    Recommend me a program to copy files

    I like to use TeraCopy when I'm moving large amounts of files around. Copy your files faster with TeraCopy
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    Beatles: Love

    Saw "Love" in Vegas. Was blown away. Was hoping to buy the CD right then, but it wasn't available yet. So I'm very happy it's being released! I find it to be absolutely incredible in regards to both aspects.
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    Post Pictures of Your Desktop!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cjattwood Can't remember if I've posted in this thread yet, but I've changed my wallpaper anyways, so here it is: Link to wallpaper?
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    Anybody in Nashville, TN.?

    Quote: Originally Posted by archosman I'll just post the address for anyone that wants to Google it... Music City Digital 1111 16th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37212 Does this look correct? I think your place is to the left, right past the red balloon marker right...
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    Star Wars: Original vs Enhanced

    Quote: Originally Posted by SennFan How many people here think that George Lucas should've kept Star Wars IV-VI original (i.e. Han shooting Greedo first etc) as opposed to gogin through and "updating" them with enhanced digital special effects? Personally, I have the LD's (The...
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    Anybody in Nashville, TN.?

    Someone please purchase a K701 and a Zhaolu to bring to the meet. Thanks in advance.
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    Official 2006 (Inter)National Meet - April 22nd & 23rd

    Can you add me to the list? (+1 for my brother) Thanks!
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    Happy Birthday Ph34rful !!

    Aww! I am touched! Truly! I had sometimes wondered if I would receive my own birthday thread! And now I know! Thanks so much! A great ending to a good day! May all of you be blessed with the headphones of your dreams! Andrew
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    Official 2006 (Inter)National Meet - April 22nd & 23rd

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn They are all on the first page! I'm too lazy to add them all up.
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    best new electric razor

    Quote: Originally Posted by ken36 I've been using the 8894XL Spectra for the last few years. No complaints. Norelco really does rule. Me too!
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    Anybody in Nashville, TN.?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bkelly Traveloing to Chatanooga would be difficult for me but it is not out of the question. Keep me informend. Best Brian It is in Nashville...
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    Anybody in Nashville, TN.?

    Archosman - When would be best for you? (Since you are our most wonderful host!)
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    Anybody in Nashville, TN.?

    Quote: Originally Posted by archosman I HAD a Raptor... but I had to make the ultimate sacrifice. Had to sell it after a month due to car repairs. ... and then my engine decided to seize! I have a SR-71, Woo3, RKV/RS-1s, K1000s, ect. Had a pair of ER-4Ps but I've lost them...