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    FS: RCA RD2765A 5GB MP3/WMA (DRM) Player

    **SOLD** This is a unit I got a few months back to play around with my Yahoo! subscription. It's not a bad little player - has a 5-band user EQ, it's VERY small and light, has a picture viewer, and lets you choose music based on folder structure, too (a major plus for me). Right side...
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    FS: Karma

    **SOLD** I have a Rio Karma with the dock, power adapter, USB cable, and a Boxwave USB charging cable (it'll plug into the DC port of the Karma). The unit is in good condition and has never given me ANY trouble. My first Karma would freeze from time to time, but I've have this for 6 or 8...
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    Rio Karma - Gapless w --alt-preset standard mp3's

    BTW - FLAC on the Karma is great unless you like to back up in a song you're listening to. It has to spin up the drive since the buffer can't hold the whole song, and if you have to shuttle back and forth it's murder. That's why I switched to APS MP3s. It all sounds equally gapless to me...
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    Karma as separate drive

    Sorry - the Karma won't show up as a drive over Ethernet. You can't even control the thing over ethernet - just attach to it via RMM for transferring files. It's a crying shame that you can't access the controls from a PC... I think you can use RioRad to assign it a drive letter over USB, but...
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    the best sound ? audio X5 vs Sony HD5 Vs creative zen micro

    How about some deductive logic? I own a Karma, and had a Zen Micro for about a week. Everything I've read around here is that people think that the X5 is at least as good as the Karma for sound quality. The Karma simply sounded better than the Zen Micro. That's using Shure E4C. The Zen Micro...
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    This is probably going to start trouble

    Compression does not have to equal the loss of information. It can mean a more efficient way of storing that information. FLAC, Windows Media Lossless, and Apple Lossless all cut WAV file sizes roughly in half without sacrificing ANY audio quality. 0000000000001100000 vs. 12x0,11,5x0 You...
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    PORTA CORDA MkIII-USB Vs. Headroom Total Bithead

    Both of the USB jobs use built-in Windows drivers, and everything goes to 16/48 on the way out. The Indigo, though WILL accept a 24/96 signal. I set Media Center 11 to upsample to 24/96. It SEEMS like it sounds a little smoother. But it's very cool to be able to do it! Also, the Audiophile...
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    Headphone amp with digital in?

    Any DAC (the Headroom MicroDAC, the DAC1, the ART DI/O) simply turns a digital signal into an analog one - usually at line level. The DAC1 happens to have a built-in headphone amp which is supposed to be pretty good (maybe along the lines of a $200-$400 amp based on what I recall reading). It's...
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    Headphone amp with digital in?

    A receiver would be fine, but they take up a lot of desk space. You could get a ART DI/O and an amp to go with it.
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    Yahoo Music vs Rhapsody - Impressions

    I signed up for Yahoo the other day. I don't know about the selection size, but I don't mind since I'm not looking for specific things all of the time. I'll just listen to whatever catches my ear. I love the ability to check out new music for cheap. I just wish that there was a flash player...
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    I love this quote - "The rest of us will have to go on using our brains to make decisions when it comes to videogames. We will have to actually think about whether or not it's worth it to buy a console based on our needs." Oh, yeah! Video game decisions are an excellent test of brain power...
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    Bought a Total Bithead from him. Was in excellent condition with everything included. He shipped quickly and packed it good. Easy guy to deal with, too. Thanks! Jonathan
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    Rio Karma Appreciation Thread

    From my brief time with and iPod 4G & Karma listening through E3C, I can say this: I could easily tell the difference between the iPod headphone out vs. the line out to my Denon AVR1600 receiver. I cannot tell the difference between the Karma dock line out and the Karma headphone out set...