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    Micro iUSB3.0 Impressions Thread

    Thank you Trechnobear; I have ordered this. Let's see if they can complete the order!

    Micro iUSB3.0 Impressions Thread

    Micro iUSB3.0. Below is their email: Hi Peter, Further to my email yesterday, iFi have advised the iFi Audio Micro iUSB3.0 Power supply has now been discontinued and no longer available. The item has been removed from our website. Is there anything else you wish to consider? If not, do you...

    Micro iUSB3.0 Impressions Thread

    I have just tried to purchase this new from Futureshop, who have been told that it is no longer for sale. Could iFi audio confirm this is the case, and if they intend to launch a replacement?

    Lumin L1 Music Server with Kenneth Lau Power Supply

    Lumin L1 Music Server with Kenneth Lau Power Supply. both components about 10 months old. The L1 is in immaculate condition, and is the 2TB model. It comes with all original accessories and original packaging.   The Kenneth Lau PSU has a couple of marks on the right hand side of the black case...

    Moon Audio Black Dragon Premium Cable for Sennheiser HD800 Headphones V2 1.5 Metres

    Superb cable that I have been using with both the HD800 and HD800S. I am only selling because I now need longer cables since moving my rig into a different room.   Photos are of the actual cable for sale.   Cable will be shipped from the UK. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.

    Eximus DP1 DAC 7 Headphone Amplifier

    Eximus DP1 Headphone amplifier and DAC in excellent condition. The only marks on this are very small along the top chamfer and to the right. You can see them in the pictures. Otherwise this is in superb condition. Original retail price £2400. Loads of ultra positive reviews on Head Fi. Fully...

    B.M.C. Audio Pure USB Interconnect, 2Metre

    For sale is a B.M.C. Audio Pure USB Interconnect cable in immaculate condition with all original packaging. I am selling at less than half the price of a new purchase. I am selling as I now use a network server. Many good reviews for this product on the internet.   Buyer pays any PayPal fees...

    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    Just thought I would add my impressions of the HD800S. and HD800.   I am now using both headphones with the Lumin S1 directly feeding a Trilogy Audio 933 Headphone Amplifier. In my personal opinion, the HD800S is a very worthy upgrade to the HD800 as it offers a very detailed bass that I think...

    Questyle CMA800R X 2 (Balanced Setup)

    For sale are two Questyle CMA800R Headphone Amplifiers used in dual mono for the ultimate headphone sound. There is nothing to compare at this price. The price is for both units. They were purchased directly from Questyle when first introduced. I will also include the balanced cable they...

    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    Over the years I have tried many headphones in an attempt to better the HD800. Although I have not tried the HE1000 or LCD4, experience tells me they will not offer anything substantially better for the price to be paid.   It is far more important to match the amplifier. By far the best match...
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    Lumin T1 Audiophile Network Server

    This is in first class condition and only used for one week. I am only selling as I have upgraded to the Lumin S1. This is a superb network player that is so easy to use, far far better than any PC based system. Go to the Lumin website for full specifications. Photos are of the actual item for...

    LUMIN - The Audiophile Network Music Player

    I would strongly advise borrowing one for a comparison. the S1 has a superb three dimensional DAC, which is why I bought it to replace my T1.

    LUMIN - The Audiophile Network Music Player

    I agree with all the positive comments regarding Lumin products.   After years of ploughing money into PC based FLAC delivery, I took the plunge and bought a Lumin T1. I just couldn't believe how good it sounded, with a superb DAC built in that outclasses the Eximus DP1 (and that is a damn...

    Questyle CMA800 Current Mode amp

    So you know money isn't everything, one of the best DAC's I have heard with the dual CMA800R is the Teac UD-501 using XLR. Be patient though, it needs A LONG burn in period. at the other end of the scale, I also tried a Weiss 202 that sounded horrendous.