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    DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

    What headphones have people found pair best with the Stratus? I am enjoying HD800s and K1000’s...
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    iFi iESL energizer

    I just ordered one on Music Direct for only $839. I don't know why they are selling so discounted, but with a 60-day trial period, I'm looking forward to giving it a try. There have been scant reviews on this unit, which makes me nervous, but I will review when it comes. The lead out time is...
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    iFi iESL energizer

    Yes. Keep us informed. I plan to try it with the output of an ayre v5se, an also with the output of my DNA stratus ( I assume the stratus has enough juice as it can drive k1000s but I need to confirm this). I will be driving Stax SR007 mki's
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    iFi iESL energizer

    Who has heard this upcoming product at any of the headphone shows with Stax 007's or 009's, and what are your impressions?  Thanks, Peter
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    New Audeze LCD3

    And for me, I could not get enough extension on either version of the LCD3 with a variety of amplifiers, including the Master9 and the Mjolnir . I guess I am more an HD 800 with appropriate tube amplifier kind of guy, or even a stax guy if I had the $$.
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    List of DACs that work with iPad

    The nuprime dac10 works directly with my iPhone 5 and a camera kit. Pretty cool! No hub needed.
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    The Lambert "Play It By Ear" Headphone Amplifier - (DG Review) + Impressions Thread

    I had sent Steve two emails and not heard back, so I called him up and he told me that they were going to ship out replacements in a week, and would send me a tracking number.  Lo and behold that's what happened.
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    The Lambert "Play It By Ear" Headphone Amplifier - (DG Review) + Impressions Thread

    I received a replacement unit today and the rear power connector no longer cuts out, even though the jack still feels kinda loose. Listening right now for the first time on hd800's and I'm very impressed with how neutral and natural it sounds right out of the box. Not as liquid as my...
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    New Audeze LCD3

    I can say that I was favoring my HD800's by a wide margin over the classic LCD3's.  The LCD3c's sounded muffled to me - though I don't think they were part of the early versions that had issues with rolled off high ends (they were produced in 2013).  Based on this, I think I'll like the Fazors a...
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    New Audeze LCD3

    N I just sent my LCD3s into Audeze for driver replacement up to the Fazors. Cost is $275 plus shipping. Seems very reasonable. Hope that puts an end to all this speculation. I'm assuming that Audeze's policies are consistent.
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Can anyone tell me if Audeze is offering upgrades from the LCD-3c to the LCD-3f?  Also - what is this about veiled and unveiled LCD-3's?  How do you tell if you've got which?    Thanks, Peter
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    Is there a slick way to print-out a multi-page thread?

    Hi all.  Some of these threads contain lots of good technical information, and I'd like to print them out and put them in a little binder for the equipment in question (in this case an Eddie Current Super 7).  Is there any way to get the whole thread on one continuous document without cutting...
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    Can I wash my Sennheiser HD800 earpads?

    Hi all.  I just bought a pair of used HD800's and the earpads have a fragrance to them I'd like to eliminate.  Can anyone give me advise about how to wash them?  I don't know if it's a good idea, but if it is OK, I would guess warm water and dish soap, press the moisture out into a towel, let...
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    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    How about with the LCD-3s? Is it particularly synergistic with them? Or does the DAC still hold them back?
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

    It is working just fine for me!