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    The sound of the Ultrasone Pro (Proline) 750 Headphones

    Terry, You are quite welcome. I'm glad I could be of assistance. Peter Pinna
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    Ultrasone Pro 750 vs 900 question.

    I know this is an old post but I will reply anyway in the interest of correct information. The Ultrasone Pro 750 does not have a metallic sound. I have owned one for nearly 10 years and I assure you there is no metallic sound. Ultrasones require a burn-in period of at least 100 hours before...
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    Bought Ultrasone Signature Pro yesterday, still not confident

    No matter which brand of headphone, anytime someone tells me that an expensive headphone like the Signature Pro is prone to sibilance, I automatically think there is probably something else wrong in the audio chain or maybe the headphone has not been properly burned-in.  If you haven't tried...
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    Reply to review by 'peter pinna' on item 'Ultrasone PRO 750'

    Krisman, I did not assume anything about your musical tastes.  I wrote "IF" in my comment which was in completion "IF you like their performances, we also have vastly different tastes in music..."  I did not know in actuality your musical tastes and, once again, never made any assumption...
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    Q701/Ultrasone 750...UA25EX

    Botchki, The Pro 750 is great with vocals.  I can say this from experience because I am a vocalist. 
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    Q701/Ultrasone 750...UA25EX

    deafandblind, I'm answering your post after such a long time because I haven't been on Head-fi for over two years.  Regarding positioning as it relates to the S-Logic effect, for many people, positioning the cups so that the ear canal is in the center of the cup gives the best possibility for...
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    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    I have tried them with an amp and what I found is the Pro 750 sounds better with a neutral (flat) amp than with one that alters the sound ("colored").  They sound great plugged into a sound board which I have done many times. 
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    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    I am a very happy owner of the Pro 750 for nearly 6 years (purchased in December 2008).  I have listened to them frequently (almost on a daily basis) since they were first "burned in" about 3 days after I bought them.  Mostly, I listen to them plugged into a sound board and not a dedicated...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Review

    Thank you for the very informative review, Covenant. It is excellent.
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    Ultrasone Edition 8's "Yay or Nay"?

    Quote taken from post by Cjfrbw: "Anything that can make an ipod with mp3s sound hi end and scale up all the way to a tubed vinyl system seems a pretty good thing to me." I would have thought that the Ed 8 would greatly reveal the inadequacies of an .mp3. While I can listen to and enjoy...
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    Ultrasone Edition 8's "Yay or Nay"?

    Quote: Originally Posted by stocklaz Do anyone have idea why ED8 not designed like those ultrasone cans that can change cable on it? Personally, I would prefer that Ultrasone build the Ed 8 with a detachable cable. This would cause me to be more inclined to buy one of them. The...
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    Cable replacement for Ultrasone Pro 900?

    Quote: Originally Posted by eobet The Ultrasone Pro 900 comes with a 3m cable that screws into the headphone on one end, and has a 1/4 inch plug on the other end. Can I buy a cable online that is shorter AND has a 1/8 inch plug, which will fit the Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones...
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    Cabling actuality

    The more analytical of you may notice that I added something to the original post. What I added was "or so it seems" at the end of the sentence which reads "I have found that the people who believe that different cables cause headphones to sound differently are absolutely correct in their...
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    Cabling actuality

    Quote: Originally Posted by Graphicism Are you saying it is stereo but could be performing mono? No, I was making a joke. Using the word "mono" to refer to the disease "Mononucleosis" which is often abbreviated as "Mono".
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    Cabling actuality

    Quote: Originally Posted by SillyHoney Peter, I'm a neutral guy in "cable theory". From time to time people go against each other in this forum for whether or not cables make difference. Can you do me, and for many other people here I believe, a favor? That can you do some blind A/B...