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    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    LG buds from a cellphone I bought on this christmas. It manages to be worse than a 3,5$ headphone I bought once. Just tested it again on Ryan Farish's Songbird: It sounds like the music is coming from a tube and has no detail at all. The guitars sounds like they're coming from a kid's toy.
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    HA FX40 or KSC75 (UPDATE: Superlux recommendation)

    Is the quality difference too big or I can go for a FX40 without second thougts? EDIT I just noticed the Meelectronics are also in my budget range and shipping. They weren't showing up before.
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    HA FX40 or KSC75 (UPDATE: Superlux recommendation)

    Hello. I'm in a very tight budget and in a country where huge taxes are applied over everything I import. I'm looking for >20$ phones good for a wide variety of music and the HA FX40 and KSC75 are the most recomended ones around here. I cannot decide which one is the best for me since I can't...