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    Used Headphones Price Watch

      Quote: I do believe theyre discontinued. But as always, u can get them used for cheaper.
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    Used Headphones Price Watch

    Quote: The ones quoted are the SR225 not the SR225i.
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    Stuck between HD595 and D2000

    If you listen to electronica, get the denon instead, mainly for its more pronounced bass.
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    HiFiMAN HM-801 Portable Player / DAC Review: Part One of Two

    Seems like bad QC. Or perhaps ask the handlers put on some gloves?
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    Starting audiophile needs some help

    Hi nick, first thing first. Get rid of your Bose equipment, and test out some Sennheiser stuff if you prefer a more laid-back, darker, full-house sound. If you prefer a forefront, quick sound, then test out an Alessandro MS1 or Grado SR60 like someone mentioned. At the same time, get a dedicated...
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    Xonar Essence STX and Sennheiser HD650 - gain setting

    I think the answer is in your experience. I'd go for the High setting.
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    PC vs Mac

    Windows 7 + Foobar2000
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    EMU 0404 USB - really the best?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jruser It was a hypothetical question. I have been considering buying this to use as a stanalone DAC, but can't find any specific information about how it works, other than that it is possible. DAC means digital to analog converter, which means you...
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    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    Anyone knows how the 1792A (STX dac chip) compares to the AK4396 miracle DAC chip?
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    EMU 0404usb owner survey: Which quality cans?

    The headphone-out on the 0404usb is not sufficient to drive high-end headphones. The 0404usb is known for its dac-lineout and not for its headphone amp.
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    Definitely a great review, Skylab! Very detailed and set with the aim to be neutrual.
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    Cowon S9 now has gapless!!!

    If only the S9 has wi-fi capability, then it would be perfect.
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    Sennheiser HD800 Updates!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by pompon If you buy electronic / computer ... they loose 20% of their value per years ... After 5 years, your stuff worth almost nothing. Heaphones it's not same thing. Speakers don't loose value much with time. HD800 are not build to be a mass...
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    Practical Devices XM5

    Quote: Originally Posted by younglee200 Wait, how does that work? does that mean I should get the AD8397 for like 22 bucks AND the BUF634P for 45 bucks as well? No need for the BUF634P if ure getting the AD8397.
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    Practical Devices XM5

    Quote: Originally Posted by zombieDave I've been keeping my eye on this thread and this page has me a bit confused. According to the PD website, they claim you do not need the separate buffers (BUF634) if you use opamp AD8397 because this particular opamp has a built-in buffer. If...