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    Xonar D1 + BX5A

    Hello,   i've literally spent months doubting on what I was going to buy (it's great that I was able to find so much information here though), but I'm pretty confident I'm going for a Xonar D1 in combination with BX5a deluxe speakers. This should prove to be a considerable upgrade from...
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    Active Powered speakers or Bookshelf Speakers with Amp?

    I'm on +- the same budget and I'm seriously considering buying M-Audio Studiophile AV-40's. The only thing I'm in doubt about is the sound card I'll be combining them with.   edit: I've also read good things about Audioengine A5's, but they might be over your budget (pretty confident that...
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    Deciding on a new setup

    Yeah that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Reading through reviews and other threads. Don't wanna rush into buying something I later realize isn't right for me. The first setup with USB > DAC > RCA to speakers is probably what I'm gonna go for, solely because I am still using my amp on my...
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    Deciding on a new setup

    So if I get monitor speakers and a decent DAC (is an ESI Dr. DAC nano USB Audio Interface good enough? This just seems so cheap) I can hook this up straight to my motherboard and the sound will be excellent? I am by the way willing to go a bit over budget if the result would really be...
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    Deciding on a new setup

    What I've been thinking is to get the A2's because my desk might be too small for the A5's, and spend the rest of my budget getting a subwoofer. If I get the NuForce uDAC, can I hook this all up or do I still need to get a soundcard better than onboard Realtek ALC892? I have been reading up in...
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    Deciding on a new setup

    Hi,   I am considering to spend some money on decent computer speakers. I already have Mission M71's, attached to a decent Sony amp which I now only use to play CD's and provide sound for my TV. Because I can no longer hook them up to my PC (different rooms), I am looking for quality...
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