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Own: ATH-M50S (King of all the headphones ive OWNED thus far) Stunning Bass Mids and Treble with a little bite. Super Fun, durable, accurate, FLAT and VERY dynamic. The 1st words I hear out of everyone's mouth who try them is "wow you can really hear everything". Dam right and untill I find something better. This remains my #1.


HD 280: Isolation and comfort is outstanding, headphones do however feel very cheaply constructed. The sound signature is generally flat (maybe favoring mids just a tad), BUT tonally unbalanced. What does this mean? The best way I can describe it the sound is kind of "honky" compared to the ATH-M50, the slightly forward mids combined with this tonal unbalance does not satisfy.

KRK8400: One of thee thinnest sounding headphones I have ever used. Bass was non existent and highs were scorchingly bright. At low volume these headphones sound VERY VERY clear and almost life like, but turn up the volume past -10db and you'll cringe. To me, these sounded like airplane headphones. No joke.

HD 598: Excellent headphone absolutely loved them. Imaging was fantastic, you felt as if you had a set of high-FI speakers in your room. Sold to fund for future headphone purchases and a general need of isolation. Nothing bad to say, great sound.

Shure 840: Very laid back sound, focused on mids and vocals, definitively a very easy listening phone and super comfortable, mids were WAY to forward for my liking. Definetly not FLAT, but an enjoyable listen. Isolation is excellent as well.

Shure 440: Pretty much unusable with out the 840 pads do to comfort, sound once again focused on the mids like the 840, but with an overall "bright response" across the spectrum. Headphones sounded very thin and lacked the depth and flat response I was looking for. Bass was VERY lacking. 840's are FAR SUPERIOR

AKG 240S: Rolled off highs and lows, mids also definitively have a veil over them as well. Enjoyable listening phone, but if your looking for detail retrieval PASS.

KOSS DJ100: Clear sounding, good bass, and slightly pronounced (high mids) (drums really stood out). Vocals seemed a little drowned out to me when the other frequencies were firing which leads me to the believe the transient response was very sub-par, also higs were a little recessed. Good buy for the money, but in this case the whole "get what you pay for "sound" was very present.

Dacs: HRT Music Streamer II, Emotiva XDA-1. To Bright!
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EVERYTHING except punk, country, and DUB-CRAP


Own: ATH-M50, Shure 840
Owned: KRK8400,HD 598,HD 280,Shure 440,AKG 240S,Koss DJ100,Gamecon 780
Setup: Lossless audio> -FI Titanium HD>Foobar "Waspi Exclusive Mode"> Phones