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    SAmsung galaxy note 2

    I've got a Note 2, and tried an S3 as well as an S2 (family members) and found that the audio quality is actually quite bad for all of these devices. I'm not sure if its part Touchwiz or if its a default operating mode for android devices (previous used a 3gs/4 until a few months ago so I'm not...
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    Questions of Science and Progress?

    Quote:   Did you ever read any of Mr. Cardas's insights? (located on the right side of the page)   You talk about what is sane and insane, so allow me to bring up modern physics in a nutshell.   -The universe is composed of 96% Dark...
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    Questions of Science and Progress?

    Quote: Quite simple really, its the only topic that's ever really discussed/debated here... cables and their "effects" and the inability of science to prove/disprove someone's claim of hearing something after changing their cables. Call it placebo or whatever you like, science still...
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    Worried About Hurricane Irene

    Quote: Ah thanks for reminding me. Get a 100ft extension chord and run it from neighbors on higher ground. Maybe daisy chain a few of them if necessary. 
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    Worried About Hurricane Irene

    Get yourself a sump pump and a back up pump. Afterwards find some way to route the water out to lower ground. If you can't at least the pumps will help you dry your basement quickly after the flooding stops. 
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    Solid silver core cable + cardas connector with HD 600

    Quote: I'm not sure that's possible. What's the brand of a brand?
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    Solid silver core cable + cardas connector with HD 600

    Hah what about that, starting  a certification program for cable makers. That would be pretty funny.    But yes do be careful with buying stuff on ebay. The other day I was about to buy some silver wire and they even included a certificate of authenticity for 99.9999% OCC silver, until I...
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    Questions of Science and Progress?

      Quote: Thank you for replying to the thread. Whether the quote was taken out of frustration or not, I agree completely with what you stated in the post and I figure it would be best if the quote came from you rather than from someone like myself. I think the only difference between...
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    Questions of Science and Progress?

    A few weeks ago I chimed in on a proscience/cable debate and well since the last post I made, i've pretty much stayed away from the science forums because of something I read. The quote I read from Rroseperry was:     Quote:   From what I can garner from his previous posts, he is a...
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    best budget replacement cables for Sennheiser HD 650's?

    I suggest making a pair of cables using a cardas quad conductor cable. The only difficulty would be in removing the enamel coating on the wire
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    24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

    Quote: Thanks for responding Gregorio, but the real question that I was trying to bring up is "sort of" answered by your last statement. Are you stating that people can perceive the difference between a 16bit recording with and without dither? If this is the case, then doesn't that imply...
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    Am I the only one Incredibly Annoyed by the new Starburst/Holly Robinson Peete Ad that's on Head-fi?

    Quote:   Thanks Jude. Please don't get me wrong, I don't mind the ads at all -as I've mentioned I usually click on them if its a new product that I havent seen before. Its just that the audio ones kinda catch you off guard. Thanks again, hopefully they can fix the issue soon. In the mean...
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    I have a DAC, do I need a stereo?

    I recommend the receiver/passive speaker combo as well. Craigslists is a very good when it comes to finding receivers at a bargain, just make sure that you look for what you need, in other words, anything with an HDMI input will probably be $100 more than what you need, use that extra cash for...
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    New headphones - what to get?

    List of headphones for Rock in the $100 - $200 Range: 1. Any and all grado headphones that can be had for $100 - $200 2. Do any other ones really matter?   My recommendation is a pair of SR125's. I've had the 60,80,125,225's and I still believe that the SR125's out match the 225's...
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    You guys really wanna hear something amazing try:   "This Land" Hans Zimmer, Lion King Sound Track   Actually the 4 tracks in that sound track are fairly good, "This Land" is just very well done. It can really test a pair of headphone's ability for low bass (heart thumbping, chest...