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    Why exactly does bose suck?

    When I said I didn't like the bose speaker it was my personal taste and not what I want out of a speaker. I like what I call an East Coast sound. For me the speaker must be an accurate reproduction of the sound. I like a clear, clean sound. I found the 901s to be too mushy and unfocused in their...
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    total Airhead 4.5

    Sorry. while the total airhead gives great sound, I am wondering if I could get even better sound with a supreme, cosmic or some other amp?
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    total Airhead 4.5

    I've had my total airhead for about 2 wks. I use them with my ER4S. Great sound. However, I was wondering if this amp is the best for these phones. What is your opinion? I can return them to Headphone if I want to upgrade.
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    Etymotic ER-4S Personal Sale

    It took me about a week or 5 to 6 hours before my ETY 4S became comfortable. I really like them now. Like many things it just takes time.
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    ER4S, comfort

    I just got my ER-4S yesterday. I find that they are a little uncomfortable. Are the foam earpieces more comfortable. How long does it take to get use to the feel of the tips in your ears? The sound is very good, but I can hear the cord when I move. Any suggestions for that?
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