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    Modi 2 and 2U discontinued, Modi 3 now live.
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    Best 150ohm open ear headphones?

    Massdrop HD58X , as soon as they become available again. My E17K2 drives it far more than just OK. In fact, my 2017 Samsung cheapo J7 gets adequate volume and impact without amplification.
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    Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

    Sounds like a business opportunity to me - start your own EUcentric version of Massdrop. or perhaps vote in a government which doesn't consider each citizen to be a tax asset to be fleeced? Massdrop is a USA based corporation which imports it's products from various countries worldwide at...
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    So I Sold Some Schiit Today

    Dear God, when I die,please make sure my wife doesn't sell my stereo and fishing gear for what I told her I paid for them....
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    Rca switcher/splitter 1 in 3 or 4 out?
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    Reasonably priced power strip / surge setup?

    Easy choice from the low rent side of town Why? All I use because when they can't take another hit, they shut down. Been using them for years...
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    Android friendly portable DAC Amp recco?

    I have a Fii o A3 I use from the phone outputs of a 2017 Samsung J7 and a 2017 Kindle HD8, both OTG capable. Will using a DAC from their micro USB be a step up sonically over just an amp from their analog output s? More specifically, the Samsung will plug into my truck head unit while the...
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    Small or portable speakers

    Google NO Audiophile's review of the Vanatoo Transparent Zeros. Might be just what you are looking for.
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    Loki Mini Impressions

    So here's my take on the Loki after using it all week vs an Audio Control 520B from 1980.Note that I am old school and have always had a quality equalizer in all my systems over the years The 520B was a USA made 5 band EQ...
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    Loki Mini Impressions

    Oooo yeah baby,food porn! Lovin don't last,cookin do Will post old school EQ vs upstart Loki review manana,been fun ABing these thru various phones and near field speakers this week.
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    Loki Mini Impressions

    Euphemisms aren't a very filling breakfast. I'll get 2 on the way to the office, eat one early and the other later. Nothing worse than a cold sausage biscuit.
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    Loki Mini Impressions

    How long ya reckon it'll keep my sausage biscuit warm?
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    Loki Mini Impressions

    Yes,farenheit. This was the temp on the outside top case,no idea what it reaches inside. Contact me in 2 years and I'll open it up to measure it inside. Ah,first world problems!
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    Loki Mini Impressions

    I also received mine 2 days ago, all controls perfectly oriented. I was surprised at how warm it seemed so I shot it with my infrared thermometer. It reads 94* consistently whether being driven or not which is 18* warmer than the walls and desk in my office and 14* warmer than the FiiO A3 at my...