Putting money into other peoples pockets.
Hello Kitty. Tatty Teddy bears. Rabbits.
Headphone Inventory
AKG K1000
Sennheiser HD590
Etymotic ER4P
Adam A5 studio monitors
Headphone Amp Inventory
Source Inventory
Asrock Nettop ION 330
Cable Inventory
Virtual Dynamics Judge power cable
Nordost Valhalla modded headphone cable
Power-Related Components
Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate power strip
Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate Schuko power strip
PS Audio Noise Harvesters
PS Audio JuiceBar (for Harvesters)
Audio-Related Tweaks
100+ ERS Paper (sold 25 sheets)
18 Magix levitation feet
11 RGC-24 Ground Conditioners (sold 2)
10 Feet of Silence
Music Preferences
Trance. Happy hardcore.
Previously owned:

dCS Elgar Plus DAC
dCS Verdi Encore transport
dCS Purcell upsampler
Cary 303/300 CD player
Benchmark DAC1 (mutilated repeatedly, found shells of worms inside, still works)

Adam A7 studio monitors
K1000 headphones (poked hole in diaphragm but repaired with scotch tape)
AKG K501 headphones

PS Audio GCC-100 (still have in closet but tweaked to death)
Krell KAV-500i power amp
Graham Slee Solo amp
Corda amp

PS Audio Premier Power Plants (killed one of two)
PS Audio P300 Power Plants (MWII and MWII+) (dead in closet)
PS Audio Quintet power center
PS Audio High Current Ultimate Outlet (mutilated but works)

Nordost Solar Wind speaker cable (sliced and sold)
Nordost Valkyrja speaker cable (sliced, cut and sold)
Nordost Valhalla analog interconnect (oxidated after I cut it repeatedly)
Nordost Valhalla digital AES/EBU interconnect
Nordost Vishnu power cables (cut and sold)
Nordost Valhalla power cables (too many to count because I sliced and cut them so much)
Adagio Audio Digital Reference Special Edition ERS AES/EBU
PS Audio xStream Statement power cables
ElectraGlide Ultra Khan II Statement R power cables
ElectraGlide Epiphany first model power cables
ElectraGlide Synapses2 power cables
Virtual Dynamics Genesis 1.1 power cables
Virtual Dynamics Genesis 1.1 XLR interconnects

Solid-tech Rack of Silence
Brilliant Pebbles
Making homeless people millionaires