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    New headphones and sound card

    The X-Fi has "poor" sound quality? What drugs are you on? It has great sound quality. And the ironic part is, it has the abilty to re-rip music. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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    What headphones are these?

    Those newegg reviewers probably never heard anything that is actually "high-end".
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    Difference between A500 & A700 for games/movies?

    OK. So which has better bass? A700?
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    Best Gaming Headphones?

    I was looking for a great gaming/movies/music set, and I settled on the ATH-A700 based on the comments I read here. Haven't ordered them yet, but soon...
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    FS: ATH-A900 with upgraded pads

    Where's your feedback?
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    Difference between A500 & A700 for games/movies?

    Well on the issue of bass, how is it supposed to sound; accuracy? I would think if is was tight it would also be deep, but that probably depends on the source (game/sound effect). If it's just boomy, it would probably sound muddy which isn't good, I wouldn't think. I want the explosions to sound...
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    Difference between A500 & A700 for games/movies?

    Quote: Originally Posted by yellafella321 its the other way around. A500 is very very different from the a700 and a900. a700 and a900 are practically identical. A500 has subwoofer like bass, its muddy, and simply not as articulate. It also doesn't lack show as much of a midrange deficit...
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    Looking for some quality headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by PeeeMeS Do used HD580s go for <$150? If so, that would be my pick for you. Damn you, I had my mind set on the A700. HD580 is more $$, but not by much. Comp-U-Plus But I think I'll stick to my guns...A700 and don't look back. EDIT: I can't find...
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    Looking for some quality headphones

    I'm in basically the same situation, no g/f though . Anyway, I'm been reading through the forums and saw a great deal of recommendations for the Audio Technica ATH-A500, A700, A900 line for gaming, some people said not so much for music, but meh, I won't notice...I'm no audiophile. I think...
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    NEW Audio-Technica ATH-A700 on ebay: $128!?

    Quote: Originally Posted by EscaBoi i remember seeing this a while back before getting my A900's. The stretched images just made it seem so fishy to me... though it seems real enough I noticed pricegrabber had the same image so I didn't really think much of it.
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    LTB AC3 ProAmp Arrived

    I hope that wasn't your review. ^ ^ ^
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    Surround Sound Headphones?

    It's been a year since the last post, are SS headphones still considered crap? How about a decent pair coupled with an X-Fi? I found this interesting: Medusa Banned from the Cyberathlete Professional League The Medusa 5.1 Surround Headset was banned from the Cyberathlete Professional...
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    Surround Sound Tube Headphone

    Someone buy them. They're available now.