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    Eric Clapton's "Me & Mr. Johnson"

    iTunes has put up a preview (4 songs) of this forthcoming release (3/30). Everyone of them is outstanding (if you like Blues guitar). I wish the encoding was of higher quality. Clapton's work is usually well produced and these AAC rips are a tad mushy. Wait for the CD.
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    iPod Battery: The Definitive Word

    FWIW: My 2 year old 2G iPod began losing battery capacity, often dropping to two bars within an hour of initial play. I figured that was normal. Two years of heavy use and probably more than the 500 charge lifespan of the battery. A good excuse to get a new iPod (some logic!) though I wanted...
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    First Impressions: Apple's iPod In-Ear Headphones

    Nice review, Oliver. Thanks!
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    Shure E3c and Etymotic ER-4P: The Showdown

    Oh yeah...Akitas. My original Akitas, Zeke and Zoe (avatar) passed away last year. Victor is the new pup (see here) .
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    Shure E3c and Etymotic ER-4P: The Showdown

    Bangraman- your review was spot on! For portability, it is hard to beat the Shure's. I have been an Ety user for the past 18 months and I love their sound and isolation. What I do not always love are the contortions and mechanics necessary for a good seal. The Shure E3c's ease of use and...
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    FS: Etymotic ER4P and custom 4P-S adaptor

    Just out of curiosity, do these have the new braided cable?
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    Joan Baez & her latest album - bad recording??

    Dear Oakiris: I've got that CD and I do not have the sound problems that you reference. In fact, I consider it is a well produced CD. My bet is that you got a bummer CD.
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    Portable AM radio?

    Another good one is Grundig's Mini World 100 PE. Very small, excellent reception and goes forever on two AA batteries. It's multi-band (FM, AM and SW) and it retails for $30. I'd guess that you can get it cheaper on eBay. And this radio is very robust! About a week ago, I accidentally...
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    Joan Baez

    I recommend that you a take a look at review comments here. They say it better than I could
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    Joan Baez

    For any fans of Joanie, I recommend her new CD, Dark Chords on a Big Guitar. The music is good, very good. And the disc is beautifully produced.
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    Cycling Help-Stumpjumper Bike

    After a long hiatus, I've begun cycling again and I would appreciate some help from this board's group of cyclists. I own three bikes (racing, touring and mountain). All are getting on in years but the first two I've kept up and I know that they meet my needs. The mountain bike is another...
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    Plan to visit New York City, any good idea?

    If the weather is nice (which seems to be a rarity, lately) I'd highly recommend a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The structure itself is gorgeous and the views are unique. On the Brooklyn side, the promenade offers outstanding views of the city's skyline. And if you are in the mood, the...
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    woo-hoo ipod on the way!!!

    Good for you! I hope that you will love it.
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    Any Chet Atkins fans here?

    I am embarrassed to admit that I'd never listened to Chet until I purchased Neck and Neck and was blown away?not by Knopfler but by Atkins. What joy to find new music.
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    Favourite Type of Dog

    Favorite dog? For me, it is the Akita!