Working Professional, Software Engineer.
Music, and Collect Watches.
Currently i have about 20+ watches, I think this is my limit lol.
Deepblue, Invictas, Androids, etc.
Headphone Inventory
Audeze LCD-5
HD800 SDR mod
Grados Magnum V4-5 and 7
ATH-W3000 Aniversary, with Silver Cable Mod, and Lawton Angle pads
Fostex TH900 Red with Silver Mod Cable
Fostex TH900 Pearl White
Audeze LCD-CX 2021Carbon
Audeze LCD-CX Beutiful Bubinga wood.
The Wizzard Heir 4.AI
Senn IE-80
ETHYMOTIC ER-4PT with Personal ear impressions made.
ETHYMOTIC ER4XR, with customs imprints
Grado PS500e
Grado GW100 V2
UE 18+ Custom
Focal Stellias
Noble Kaizer K10
TheiAudio Monark MKII with Gold plated cable
Zen Tian WU 14.5mm Plannar. with Silver hybrid cable
TrutHear Zero Chrinicle collab. With Silver Hybrid Cable
Headphone Amp Inventory
WA7 FireFlies + Tube Power Supply
Shiit Asgard
Focal Arche
WA7 3rd Gen
Source Inventory
E1DA 9038SG3 DAC
Chord Hugo
Chord Mojo
Fiio M15 Dap
iBasso DX320 +Amp 13
iFi Go Blu
Hip-Dac V2
Galaxy Fold 4
Fiio BTR2 Neckband
Ikko Neckband
Cable Inventory
Cardas for HD800
Mogami Helix Cable for Magnums
4.4mm Balance Cable for HD800SDR mod
4.4mm Arctic cable Silver for Stellias
GD Craftman for W3000 and TH900 Silver cables
GD Craftsman Cooper cable for Stellias
Moon Audio Silver Dragon for Lcd-i4
Cooper Cable for Stelias with 4.4mm
4.4mm Silver Cable for LCD-5
Audeze, Custom cooper cable for LCD-5 1/4" and Balance
Woo Audio XLR adapter for 4.4mm
GD Silver Hybrid cable for TH900 Pearl White
Artic signum+ Silver cable for Focal Stellias
Music Preferences
about all, depends on my mood
Software Engineer for a Medical Company.


HD800 with Cardas 4ft Cable, Grados V4 with Mahogany Honduras wood, ATH-A2000X with Titanium Shells, Schiit Asgard1, NFB-12, Sicphones amp, WA7 Fireflies, ODAC, all power by AIR and HOPE