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    BOSE Headphone Mods

      I was full of doubt, but reached for the tape dispenser and covered the holes. Incredible. It works! I also agree with your observations on the modded OE1. It's distinctly Sennheiser-like. You saved me a hundred bucks: thank you!
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    Bassheads Rejoice Again! Sony Updates Extra Bass Headphones

    Thanks everyone for your views on the XB series on Head-Fi.  I was lurking for a while then ordered the XB500s last night ... only to read that the XB600 & XB800 and more just came out. Oh well.   I don't know if you saw this youtube review of XB600, X10m and XB500:
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    NAD C515BEE or Onkyo DX-7555?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Newkophile A common problem with cheap CD decks, car CD players and hand held CD players is that they're all very unreliable when it comes to playing CD-Rs made using PC software such as Nero or Roxio. So how does the NAD measure up? Hi I just saw this...
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    FS: JBL Reference 410 - near new

    Sold. Thanks.
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    Bose and friends.

    Quote: Originally Posted by nin3th i hate it when people think their triports sound better than my a700s. Things is, they could very well believe it does! After many years of semi-audiophilia, I'd give anything to still believe that my 1981 3-way, paper-coned (12" woofer!)...
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    Bose and friends.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cry Havoc Either you hear the music or you don't. With a good set of closed headphones, you might not hear everything on the subway or in a loud environment. However, with the Bose, they aren't going to differentiate between frequencies well enough for...
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    FS: "AT-EC7"-style buds

    sorry, I removed this item and did not know how to delete.
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    FS: Bose Triport OE (On-Ear) - rights side not working

    SOLD - thanks to all who PM'd original text: I am selling my pair of Bose Triport OE on-ear headphones. Good condition except the right side stopped working for no reason that I could find. I did not want to probe further. Left side works perfectly. Perhaps you're adept at electronics or...
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    I bought a pair of AKG K81DJ headphones from Laurent. They were in absolute mint condition, as promised. Shipping and communications were perfect. Hope to deal with him again soon. Recommended.
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    Classical headphones for my grandfather ~ £75 budget

    Let him try your K271s. Most receivers will drive them or any AKG sufficiently. If he likes them, then he likes the AKG house sound. I have K701's the original K240M and do listen to classical. I reckon the K501's, if you can find them, would be a fine choice.
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    need a bassy closed headphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by unbiased Heh, heh, well I will stand up with you against the wind here and if you are going to get slated (or slaughtered?) for saying it, I will get slated (slaughtered?) with you! I mirror your sentiments and experiences with the Bose OE (= On Ear...
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    Bose TriPort or Grado SR60/SR80 ?

    Congrats on your purchase. I hope you get many years of happy listening from the Grados. Surprised by the largely temperate comments in this thread. I own a pair of Bose OE and they'er excellent for communting on the subway. In your place I would've also have chosen the Grados, especially at...
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    AKG K240 sold for $8600

    Aw man, the seller's going be charged a whopping final value fee then go through the hassle of getting it reversed. That's crappy.
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    TEAC's New Bone Conducting Headphones?

    I just can't stop saying Bone Fone.
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    AKG K701 first impressions from a Grado user

    Quote: Originally Posted by botching I put up my relatively new (around just 50 hours i think)k701 for sale thinking it was not for me. Then ,I let it burn for 5 days on 24/7 music playing with some deep weighty bass. On the 6th day a friend bought it. Before he took it away we both...