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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Wow! That's a really clean, minimalistic setup! How are you liking the X1?
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    Looking for the most comfortable headphones, over ear

    You can use any sort of box a bit larger than a head. If you leave the DT770 there for a while they'll stretch out. The headband is virtually indestructible, so you won't be worrying about any breaks mid-stretch. You keep trying them on every once in a while until the clamping force is better...
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    Looking for the most comfortable headphones, over ear

    I have the DT770, and they really are extremely comfortable, in my opinion. Maybe they need a while stretched over a box to loosen up. You do have the Velour pads, right? The M50, are, quite a bit shallower in the ear cups, and many complain of their high clamping pressure causing much fatigue.
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    Amp for Sennheiser HD 600! Woo Audio Wa3 vs Bottlehead crack vs LDMKIII

    I'm looking for an upgrade amp for my Sennheiser HD 600, with a budget of at most (or a BIT over) 500 dollars. I hear the WA3 are great with the HD600s, rivaled with the Bottlehead crack. I am not confident with my skills of ever being able to put together the Bottlehead crack, but can you get...
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    Help on picking the right headphones

    I don't know anything about headphone mics, but I do know that The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros are nice all around headphones, that can be had for around 200 USD on Amazon. They're big, but you can change the color and style of every part of the headphones, with replacement parts Beyerdynamic...
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    Ath 50 vs sennheiser momentum on ear

    I've heard both the ATH M50, and Momentum On Ear, and Over Ear. The choice depends on what kind of music you'll be listening to. The Momentum (Over Ear) definitely would make you the happiest if you're willing to pay the extra cash. They sound great with pretty much any genre, and work well with...
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    Fake Sennheiser HD 600? Paint chipping

    I just bought a pair of Sennheiser hd 600 on ebay, for 265 USD. Buyer said they were purchased for a cancelled recording, and were quickly put back into boxes. The package I received included no original box, just the headphones floating around with a few airbags. I instantly noticed the...
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    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    Amazing review! I've been waiting for some impressions on these IEMs, and your post covered everything I wanted to know! I not only was open mouthed by the IEMs, but with your writing as well!
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    "The Mission" soundtrack by Ennio Morricone and "Could it be another change" by the Samples are my favorites
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    Affordable closed headphones that can compare to the Audeze LCD2 or LCD3?

    What will you be driving them with? Beyerdynamic DT770 and 880 are below 300 on Amazon and are great headphones, but are priced according to the impedence
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    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    Incredible review
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    Best, most durable closed headphones for any type of sound.

    Ye. I definitely recommend the DT770 pro 80 ohm. Those are a pair of great all around headphones. They are accurate. Lots of detail, incredibly comfortable with their velour pads, closed back, and will last you for YEARS AND YEARS. Honestly the only parts that wear out are the pads and you can...