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    ^^ True, but at any rate they're not going to be selling more of these with their higher initial offering price so in a way its not really going to help them to increase marketshare initially. I'm shure (pun intended) that they'll certainly make quite a bit more money with the artificial price...
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    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    Is the soundstage and instrument separation changed at all or is it pretty much similar to the UM3X? Also I wonder how much the treble improvement is due to the tuning of the drivers vs the sound bore and the tip selection. I remember reading over in the UM3X appreciation thread somewhere that...
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    Sony XBA-H1 Pictures and Impressions!

    They definitely look like they have the Y-split cord from what I can tell, and not the J-cord from the photos. Also as far as the size is concerned I think they're slightly thicker and longer than the XBA-2, but not quite as large as the XBA-4. XBA-3 was somewhat oval-shaped and these are more...
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    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Have your cellphone nearby? Or possibly WiFi interference with the BA drivers, it happens with any BA IEM that I own when I use my E10 as a source hooked up to my laptop and have my cellphone nearby.
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    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    It was at a listed fully authorized dealer, however the sale ended when they ran out of stock.
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    Earsonics SM64: The Impressions Thread

    Just read your review Shigzeo, and it pretty much sums up my experience in auditioning the SM64 v2 earlier this year for a couple of days (loaned from a friend). Now if only we could get these back in stock somewhere in the US, I could finally get around to buying it.... The last time they were...
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    Westone 4R for 299USD ...

    Apart from making the distinction between the two types of tips, its really just a name for marketing purposes that they [Westone] can claim as their own design. There's nothing extraordinarily revolutionary about their design, just a name to set themselves apart from the rest of the options on...
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    Westone 1 vs. Westone UM1?

    Having heard both the SE215 and the SM1 (I still own the SM1), I wouldn't recommend the SM1 for dubstep mainly because the bass impact and dynamics are far better on the SE215 for dubstep/electronic/bass-driven music. That's not to say that dynamics are bad on the SM1, or that it lacks bass...
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    Indeed, the magnesium alloy housing would be a pretty sweet deal for the build alone. I'm just not a huge fan of the shure-style mmcx connectors, but I'll reserve my judgement on that until they actually begin selling these in the market.
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    Earsonics sm3 V2

    No markings itself to distinguish between the models, but the SM3 v2 is at least two times as thick as the SM1.
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    Great IEMs with Strong BASS and SOUNDSTAGE under $200?

    With the genres you listed as your preferences, I would go with the XBA-3 or the TDK BA200. With the tour, you have minimal instrument separation with a copious quantity of warm bass making the overall sound muddy. Something like the XBA-3 or the BA200, while not as hard hitting as the GR07 BE...
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    Earsonics SM64: The Impressions Thread

    That's what it seems like for the SM64, though SoundEarphones has mysteriously removed all EarSonics products from its website. If you click on any links that would normally take you to EarSonics items, it returns no items. Does that mean that they're going to stop carrying EarSonics stuff? Time...
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    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    Pre-orders have begun for the UM 10 Pro at some places, and I think I heard that general availability will start after September 10th. Also if you look at the "6 second unboxing" vine from @WestoneAudio's twitter page, you can see that the cable is definitely a newer design with a brand-themed...
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    Rockit Sounds R-50 Reviews and Impressions

    I think that at those bitrates, your files are probably on the borderline between sounding decent and you being able to make out the compression artifacts. It will all depend on what type of music you have in those bitrates. Anything with a high dynamic range (think classical), will not sound...