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    Cable choice for AKG 240S?

    I use a Stefan AudioArt Equniox Cable. It clears up the low end but it does not really improve the bass quantity in a significant way. So I would advise that you cross that cable off your list.
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    M-Audio Q40 vs. Equation RP-21 vs. AKG K240 quick review

    Quote: Originally Posted by john5220 its bass performance also exceeded that of my K701 and DT880. DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yes I'm serious, considering I was never really impressed with the bass of my K701 and DT880. Don't get me wrong though, I still prefer the K701 to the...
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    Denon AH-D1001 first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by donunus just for getting a better grasp on the d1ks sound, how would you rate them against the 595s for sound quality alone I think the HD595 is slightly better, but it's also an unfair comparison. The HD595 is both more expensive and it's also an open...
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    Best fullsize cans for ~$100

    Denon AH-D1001
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    Denon AH-D1001 first impressions

    Just got the Denon AH-D1001 two weeks ago. Price was about $80 online after discounts. Logged about 100 total hours on these, after about 24 hours of initial burn-in. I didn't notice any perceptible change throughout the burn-in process, in contrast to most other headphones that I've owned...
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    Graham Slee Solo VS Creek OBH-21SE

    I used to own the Creek OBH-21SE. There's nothing glaringly wrong with that amp, but I agree with you that the bottom end is lacking when combined with AKG K701. I've never used a GS Solo. But I found it odd that you would use an AKG K701 as a studio monitor... doesn't seem like the...
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    M-Audio Q40 vs. Equation RP-21 vs. AKG K240 quick review

    Quote: Originally Posted by warrior05 The other thing for me that makes the Q40s an outstanding value is their build. I have worked on a lot of different headphones and the build quality of the M-Audios is second only to Beyerdynamic. For example, the hinge where the ear chambers fold...
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    Are Bose respected?

    I think that Bose headphones sound better than most other headphones they sell at Best Buy. But that's only because they don't sell Sennheiser and AKG! They are not bad headphones, they are just way overpriced and have the fixed pricing (sort of like Apple).
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    $174 DT880 or $244 HD650

    I agree, DT880 will be on the bright side. I have the '03 version of the DT880 and find them too bright for my liking with about 50% of my music collection.
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    Compare 701's bass to SR80's

    I have auditioned the SR-80 and I own the K701. I think the K701 is an upgrade in the bass department, but it will not be the boomy, subwoofer kind. Instead, you will most likely have an upgrade in bass quality, with no substantial increase in bass quantity. But I agree with others that you...
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    Do I have sensitive ears? (Grado SR-225 related)

    I tried the SR-225 about 18 months ago and had the same problem. The SR-225 were too acoustically and physically fatiguing. Any of the Senns you mentioned should be an about-face from the SR-225s. They tend to have the opposite problem... some people think they are too dark. I have not...
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    M-Audio Q40 vs. Equation RP-21 vs. AKG K240 quick review

    Here is my quick review of these three cans. I was supposed to post an in-depth review a few months back, but I haven't had the time to do the careful listening. Cans reviewed: 1. M-Audio Studiophile Q40 2. Equation Audio RP-21 3. AKG K240 Studio (stock cable, Stefan Audio Art Equinox...
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    M-Audio Q40 Impressions (long w/pics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by starvin So, do the Q40's hit as hard as the DT770 80 ohm in the bass department. I get the impression they could be superior in the mids and highs. I often hear the 770 desciribed as a fun headphone, could the same be said for the Q40? I have not...
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    M-Audio Q40 Impressions (long w/pics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by sohels ounkchicago, when do you think you'll be ready with the shootout? I'll do a shootout of AKG K240 Studio / EA RP-21 / M-Audio Q40 within the next two weeks. Sorry I cannot be more specific, but have been busy at work. I also need at least 2 days...
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    Creek OBH-21

    I've tried the OBH-21 and I've owned the OBH-21SE. In my opinion the OBH-21 isn't worth the money. It is a disappointing sounding amp for the price that it normally sells for. The OBH-21SE, on the other hand, is a pretty good amp, but I think it's too expensive for what you get. If you can...