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    New hybrid amp by Little Dot, I+

    I just ordered a Little Dot I+, and I'm a bit concerned about interference.   I'm going to use it in an office setting with a lot of text messaging going on.   Is this a problem with the latest units? Was it revealed to be a grounding issue that can be resolved?  
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    Desktop amp for ATH-M50s

    My order has gone through with David, can't wait!     I think I'll warm up the stock tubes before I get into tube rolling.   Thanks for the advice.
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    Desktop amp for ATH-M50s

    Great, I think I will go with the LDI+
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    Desktop amp for ATH-M50s

    I was thinking of going with the Little Dot MK II. Is this better than everything that's been suggested so far?  
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    Desktop amp for ATH-M50s

    I have the coiled cable version of the Audio Technica ATH-M50s. I'd like to buy a desktop amp for them in $100 - $200 range. Tube or solid state. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!   By the way, are there two different impedance versions of this headphone? I bought them about three years ago...
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    ATH M50 Stress Relief spring out of jack?

    Mine was also loose, and I figured out how to get it back in.   First, you have to imagine how it was pulled out in the first place. When the spring was pulled under excessive tension, the diameter of each coil was decreased. You can imagine a spring being pulled with maximal tension, it...
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