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    Interested in the stock market.

    Quote: Originally Posted by bada bing The positive thing about being a small investor in the market is, in spite of the shorter term random "noise" that confounds "traders", the longer term direction has consistently been up - averages somewhere around 10% per year for decades now...
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    Send a prayer or hope for Ray Samuel's father.

    Ray, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I have lost both my parents and have certainly felt the pain that you must be going through now. My thoughts are with you. Remember the good times you had with your father.
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    For iPhone users: How do you like it (so far)?

    After playing around with an iPhone at the Apple store during a few visits, I succumbed to the temptation and bought one a few months ago. I have since sold it to a friend. I will not miss it because: 1. The touchscreen interface is cool at first, but the novelty gets old fast. I...
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    The Predator, Portable Headphone Amp/USB DAC Combo

    Quote: Originally Posted by Downer Thanks for all insightful info guys... still on the fence between Pico and Predator If after all that has been discussed in various threads about these two amps you still have doubts, either buy both or simply flip a coin. Just remember that...
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    Ultrasone CD

    I just paid up and bought the CD direct from Ultrasone USA. It's only $10.
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    Should I buy Edition 9? (With a discount)

    Quote: Originally Posted by earwicker7 Average Just goes to show how different people's taste in sound can be. The Ed9 are my favorite dynamic can, and I own quite a few quality cans. They are, IMO, the only way to listen to piano. Just be wary if you have big ears... they aren't...
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    MAC users, do you use optical out or just usb for dac

    Quote: Originally Posted by melomaniac and which optical if you don't mind? For now, I am connecting to a Denon DVD-9000. I'm shopping for another DAC with more I/O flexibility.
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    MAC users, do you use optical out or just usb for dac

    1. USB when on the road with my Predator. 2. Firewire when recording/listening with the Apogee Duet. 3. Optical when attached to home system.
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    Investment Help?

    Quote: Originally Posted by classicalguy Watch out for people with sure-fire trading strategies - a sure-fire way to lose money. Agreed. Quote: Originally Posted by classicalguy I believe strongly that markets are inefficient and driven by euphoria and panic...
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    Investment Help?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa X2. Like maybe being a cook is a "profession", too. Get off it. You are actually comparing me, a market maker [floor trader] to a cook? That's pure genius! Fair enough, I'll get off it and still take the other side your [investors] trades and...
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    Best DAC under $2000

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis I highly recommend the Electrocompaniet ECD1. A versatile and great sounding DAC, which should be right in your price area. Is there anyplace decent in the US that has these? The dealer site specified on the Electrocompaniet website is...
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    Investment Help?

    I have posted this response to another member with a similar question: You need to understand that trading in the market is an actual profession, not a hobby or a glorified savings account. It's just like any other profession such as being a surgeon, attorney, engineer or whatever else. None...
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    Really need a silent keyboard

    Quote: Originally Posted by ingwe Sigh... Obviously the room mate is the alpha dog; he makes noise when he wants, invites friends over with little-to-no notice.. All the while bitching at the OP for the tiniest einsey-wensy things. The OP won't stand up for himself because this...
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    Portable rig for airplanes

    Either some combination of: iPod 5.5G/H120/H340 --> Hornet/Predator --> Etymotic ER-4S or MacBook Pro 17 --> Predator --> Etymotic ER-4S Sometimes I even pack my Ultrasone Edition 9 for longer stays in the hotel. I don't use it on the plane.
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    Predator vs. Pico?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chesebert because I still have this tiny hope in me that one day where that one special little portable amp will rise up and sing with glory the songs that are only known to its bigger AC brethren; that one day the portable amps will be free from their...