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    Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

    Hey guys, I have a question.  I want to spend ~$200 to buy a DAC to use with my stereo speaker system.  I have been looking at the ODAC and the Schiit Modi 2 Uber.  Can anyone compare the sonic performance of these two DACs?  Or can someone recommend a better DAC that can be had for about $200...
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    Sony MDR MA900 Impressions Thread

    Adorama is an authorized dealer and a great place to buy the MA900.
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    "Mad Dog" by MrSpeakers, modified Fostex T50RP review

    I like to think of the MD as pixie dust and the 650/880 as fairy dust.
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    Comfort from AKG K240 Studio is absolutely terrible

    Check out the Sony MA900 - FWIR it's extremely lightweight and comfortable with sound close to what you described
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    sennheiser vs akg. ( HD650 or DT 990 or AKG Q701 or AKG 702 or AKG and any other AKG or headphones)

    Quote:   No, that's not how Fiio product numbering works.  Fiio uses the Riemann zeta function to relate product performance and number.   On the real line with , the Riemann zeta function can be defined by the integral     where  is the gamma function. If  is an integer ...
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    sennheiser vs akg. ( HD650 or DT 990 or AKG Q701 or AKG 702 or AKG and any other AKG or headphones)

    Quote:   17 - 10 = 7   The E17 is 7 times better than the E10.
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    Q701 impressions thread

    So a great deal of people prefer the Q701 to the HD650?
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    Audio Technica updates their open headphones "AD" Series: AD2000x, AD1000x, AD900x, AD700x and AD500x

    Any sound quality comparisons between the AD900 and AD900x?
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    Q701 impressions thread

    Quote:   Based on all the crap I've read on head-fi,  I can see this becoming a thing.
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    Q701 impressions thread

    If I buy the O2 amp from JDS Labs, what gain settings should I request? (Q701)
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    Q701 impressions thread

    The Q701 does seem to have cheap construction.  It is entirely plastic and feels like a toy a compared to the aluminum and magnesium AD900.
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    Q701 impressions thread

    Did anyone else feel that their pair was slightly dirty right out of the box?  My green cables have black smudges and the box has multiple misprints as well.  I bought my pair from Audio Topia through Amazon on Dec 7.  I emailed AKG and verified that Audio Topia is an authorized dealer.  Thoughts?
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Greetings,   I have used the AD700 for three years and love its comfort and laid-back sound.  I recently bought the Q701 and do notice a cleaner, more full sound (compared to the AD700).  However, the Q701 is much tighter on my head and the headband is deathly after ~10 minutes.   How...