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    Thunderpants mod vibrolabs

    @FireLion & @Shroomalistic, did you prefer flat pads or angled pads with your headphone? I plan to buy every configuration of pads and measure them with my EARS on my vibrolabs (hybrid, velour, sheepskin & sheepskin perforated)!
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    [WTB] LFF Enigma

    Looking for an LFF Enigma !   Thanks
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    Hope the ZX100 will be closer to the sound sig of the ZX1. ZX2 was too warm for my ciem  
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    Metrum Hex

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    Metrum NOS Hex Flagship DAC

    It was with the lundahl transformer and yes,it was a bit better on the Hex (bigger soundstage,more air, better extension and vocal bit more laidback and less warm) but I didn't have the feeling this tiny improvement worth to upgrade (if you only plan to use RCA output). In balanced set up, Hex...
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    Metrum NOS Hex Flagship DAC

    Octave MKII and Hex are really close in terms of sound sig. Moreover, after an A/B test between both of them on my EC 4-45 (RCA input) who have an helpfull input switch, they were so close that I sold my Hex and keep the Octave MKII. For me, Hex worth the investment only for a balanced set-up.
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    Liquid Gold - 2014

    Both are terrific with Audeze cans (and also Abyss) but they are two differents beast. In on hand, Lau is more focused on kick, speed,technical reproduction.On the other hand, P700u focused on musicality, density and fluidity. Lau is more "in da face" and P700u is more laidback. Both are...
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    Metrum NOS Hex Flagship DAC

    Someone tryed to compare a Hex with old USB Hiface interface against the new usb2?
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    The Official Eddie Current FOUR 45 Thread

    Just get my 4-45 today, Vega isn't the best dac for this amp, no doubt! My Metrum Hex will arrive tomorrow :)   Some pics :     Thanks Purrin for the dedicace      Time to enjoy my LCD3 Fazor and TH900!
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    Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

      "Les numériques" isn't really good for headphone review, even for measurement (just compare measurement from innerfidelity with the measurement provided by Les numériques). They easily give 5-4 stars for audio product. Quick example : For the sig pro, they gave 4/5 stars and put in the cons ...