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    Denon D7000 headband replacement

    Cheers bro. Enjoy your vacation.
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    20/11/2010 Toronto Head-fi Meet Impressions

    Quote: I did, and can tell you that impressions are limited due to meet noise, but in the end, I found they sounded quite similar.  That said, STAX remains my favourite headphones to date, and I really need to get me a T1 energizer + a nice lambda signature or even a lambda nova!
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    Toronto meet on November 20th!

    It's been too long since I've been to a meet, and the wife's ok'd me, so I'm in.  I'll bring my OD5000's (MD5000's, self-modded), a KICAS and Caliente, and my CA 840C.  I'll try to see if Peter will loan us his D7000's and maybe his DT990's.  Maybe he'll even come!   I'm not rushing to bring...
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    DACMAGIC>KICAS Interconnect

    Just something to think about: the noise rejection spoken of by Cambridge Audio should be considered carefully. Although the noise rejection on the XLR side (source) may be better and pass through the system, you may end up with a bottleneck at the RCA inputs on the amp, as their connection...
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    When the Hardware Vanishes

    I hope the mods don't delete this one, b/c it's fair game, I think - I heard looser101's Cambridge Audio 840C (had a VDA-2/VAC-1 at the time that I LOVED). Well, I sold the DAC and bought it. I wish I had the time/money to get a pair of T1's or HD800's to perfect my system, but man! what a...
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    FS: Stax SR 404 and SRM 0061A, headphones and amp

    good idea and luck using it with Ebay. It may be hard to sell this unit here without a strong history, especially when the combo is high end and $$$
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    Prob with balanced Denon D5000 / HR Amp.

    soldering is easy enough a skill to learn - lots of online tutorials w/ step by step instructions, plus you should be able to buy a decent soldering iron and supplies for 100 quid, which is at least as much as you'd pay fo someone to do the work I'd imagine... well, someone worth sending your...
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    PS Audio GCHA + HD580s = Weak sub bass (suggestions?)

    easy answer? try new cans. "Classic" Senn's have a deep bass weakness, so does the AKG lineup. certain manufacturers of audio equipment compensate for this weakness by boosting bass frequencies a few dB. GCHA is pretty neutral and doesn't compensate for weak cans. If you were using a D5000 by...
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    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    I'm glad to see this vision finally realized, rhydon. I didn't think it would ever happen, it took so long. I know you're anal about acheiving the right sound, but I hope you didn't compromise your Joe Grado tuned HP-2's for this endeavour!
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    Toronto, GTA Headfiers, please raise your hands

    I'm in. I haven't hung with the looser and tyranna crowd for some time now... I'll bring my regular suspects.
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    First listening impressions/reviews of Q1 2009 Purity Audio Kicas and Caliente Group buy

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gradofan2 Damn... the Caliente keeps calling... get 'em while they're hot! LOL