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    What connecter should I use?

    Not incorrect.  Firstly, Amazon sells the HD428 for $55 and change, so even your math shows that the cost of the LEMO connectors exceeds the value of the headphones.  So even using the "cheap" plastic LEMO connectors is a stupid expenditure.  Second, the plastic LEMO parts pale in comparison to...
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    What connecter should I use?

    Hehe. LEMO connectors are great, but they will cost more than those headphones.
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    I'd like to see a new 'Equipment' forum for transportable rigs

    Pointless.  Any headphone rig is transportable.
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    Organic chemist needed

    There is a reason it is called palytoxin.  If you saw the IUPAC name, it wouldn't make any sense to anyone.  Systematic name generators exist on the web.  I used to use ISIS/Draw + a plugin, but I think that particular program has gone the way of the dodo.  Anyway, it looks like you have drawn...
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    Money is not a deterrent - What is it that you would like to do career wise?

    Money no object?  I'd be a philanthropist.  Yes, I'm serious.   When I was finishing my PhD and feeling frustration with my career path, I read a nice article about the long-term earnings and non-monetary rewards of various careers.  There are a few careers that are generally highly...
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    Someone gave my business a bad online review....What to do?

    You should send her a thank you note.  Getting honest feedback is hard.  If she was simply mad and the negative feedback is unfair, well, too bad, there are jerks in the world, and the internet gives them a pulpit.  But why would she bother to write reviews if she didn't care?  Clearly something...
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    What is your hearing range??

    Quote: Strikes me as funny.  Of course you don't hear those frequencies in your music, if those frequencies are beyond your hearing range
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    *Post Lens Comparison Photos* (Previously) I had no idea Camera (Canon DSLR) lenses were that expensive!

    If you're on a shoestring budget, this $14 stabilizer is easy to DIY.
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    UCA (Berkley?) and other universities

    Quote: Everyone gets so hung up on prestige.  Look, your degree will read "University of Manchester" so who cares about the prestige of a school where you study abroad?  Go for the one that will offer you the best experience.     -UC-Berkeley (ie, "Cal) is a great school.  One of the...
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    *Post Lens Comparison Photos* (Previously) I had no idea Camera (Canon DSLR) lenses were that expensive!

    Quote:   No doubt these recommendations are right on! However, I disagree with the value of the f/1.8...sure, it isn't tack sharp wide open, but let's be honest...most 50mm primes live in a real sweet spot anyway...great distortion, nice field of view, great resolution..there really isn't...
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    Conductive Plastic -vs-Cermet Potentiometers

    Implementation is everything.     Edit: sorry, that may not have been particularly helpful without context.  With respect to potentiometers, you want a gadget that works well, so who cares about the material in question?  General comments, eh.  A good gadget, great.  I would also suggest...
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    Are Mushrooms Vegetable?

    Quote:  Carolus Linnaeus