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    Comment by 'Olumm' on listing 'Woo Audio WA5 LE gen 1'

    Ugh…so mad I missed this one. Congrats to whomever scored this one.
  2. Artist R2R DAC

    I sold one of these about a year ago and have regretted it ever since. If you have one of these and are looking to get rid of it please let me know. All the best!
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    Feedback by 'Olumm' on listing 'He-500'

    Great member here! Item was packed extremely well and arrived in great condition. 100% would do business with again!
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    Feedback by 'Olumm' on listing 'Bottlehead Maineline with upgrades'

    Traded with DenverW and the process was as smooth as always. Great guy and have done business with him before. Great to see these types of members here.
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    Comment by 'Olumm' on listing 'ZMF Eikon Paduak'

    Great deal here!
  6. Sony MDR-Z1R with 4.4mm Kimber Kable

    Ugh…I really don’t want to sell this, but a recent situation has forced my hand. The Sony MDR-Z1R have been my all-time favorite closed back headphones. I will miss these likely more than most headphones I’ve owned over the years. They’re perfect to my ears…exactly what I want and with...
  7. Bottlehead Maineline with upgrades

    It’s with a very heavy heart that I am listing an absolutely fantastic TOTL tube amp offering from Bottlehead, their Mainline. I was lucky an honored to have owned this amplifier (which I got from another member here), but recent situations have forced me to downsize. What can I say about this...
  8. ALO Audio Studio Six

    Hey All, I sold a Studio Six on here a while back... and have regretted it ever since. I am looking to get one back in my listening room for the long haul once again. If you have one and are looking to move on to something else please let me know. All the best!
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    Comment by 'Olumm' on listing 'Sennheiser HD414 like new'

    100% will share. The seller just told me this is an early model 2000 ohm version, so I’m stoked. I’ve had the 600 ohm version from the 70’s before…never had the pleasure of an early 2000 ohm model. Very excited indeed.
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    Comment by 'Olumm' on listing 'Sennheiser HD800S'

    Not pending…had to pull out. Wife just informed me she pre-bought the HD8XX as a Christmas present for me. I basically ruined her Mother’s Day. Don’t be like me…learn from my mistake. ;) I’m sure these will sell fast!