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    Songs you can't help but crank up

    Sweet Lil' Sixteen
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    How has your musical taste changes as you grow older?

    There is the the theory that kids like what drives their Dad nuts. I remember Little Richard use to drive my Dad crazy. I may have played it more, for that reason......
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    Some Great Lyrics!

    WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (George Weiss / Bob Thiele) I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself, what a wonderful world I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself, what a...
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    Recommend me some world music

    I enjoy Shaka Zulu. Talk about real world......
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    The Head-Fi Philosophy: I don't get it

    I didn't realize enjoying music was so complicated...... I think I'll just put on another Chuck Berry.......
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    Buddy Holly: am i the only one here that likes it?

    Oh Yeah........How 'bout "Heartbeat"...... If you like Buddy you'll probably like the CCR.....
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    Sony D-NE20 my personal REVIEW

    I have to agree with this review. I have the DNE920. I chose the 920 because I liked the option of no remote needed unless you want it. I've had it about a week. Now the sound. It's the default settings. Either the bass boost and/or the equalizer has to be set for your preferences. Once that...
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    Amped Portapro for home use?

    I like my Portapro's for portability and they do fine without amplification, but, they're not comfortable enough to me for home use. I can't imagine a source that couldn't power them.
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    The Head-Fi Philosophy: I don't get it

    Quote: Originally Posted by Yellowjacket I don't get it. I understand indulging yourself in consumer electronics, but the extent to which people do it on these the difference is sound between the HD600 and HD650 really worth the $400? Not to me. As long as they're...
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    A godly PCDP?

    I would think the new Panny Shockwaves or Sony Sports would do a pretty good job. They seem to target the active crowd. I've even heard of folks dropping these players and not skipping. Some are even water resistant.
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    Have DAP still need DCDP

    Quote: Originally Posted by notnormal The newer Sony models have greatly improved in sound. IMHO That's what I'm counting on...ordered the DNE920 yesterday.
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    EQ usage. Yes or No?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bigshot The proper way to EQ is subtractively... you pull back on the frequencies that are masking the weaker ones. This adds very little noise to the signal. So, I would say that the reason that EQ gets bad press is because most people don't know the first...
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    EQ usage. Yes or No?

    I wouldn't even consider a home stereo, DAP, DCDP, or any other quality audio setup without a good equalizer. Cans also benefit. No Headphone or speaker system can adjust for the weaknesses ( in the listeners judgement ) of a given sound track. There are many days when I prefer one sound...
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    Have DAP still need DCDP

    Although I have a great 2gb Iaudio 5, I still have a need for a good CD player. I'd like a High end model with great sound. Been looking at the Aiwa XPSN70 or Sony DNF600. Why? 1) Wife doesn't want to fool with mp3/ogg conversion techie stuff 2) Books on cd have to be converted, loaded...
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    HD595 Owners

    I seem to use the equalizer more that most folks on this forum. It's all in how the recording was mixed when produced. Each sound engineer is different and produces his music differently. Because of this, I use the equalizer to bring out what I prefer. Since most of us agree the HD595 is...