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    FiiO F5- Aerospace Titanium Diaphragm In-ear Monitor

    Question-None of my music players have a balanced output. Is there an adapter that can be used so I can use the balanced cable into typical music player output (like phone or Fiio X3II again not balanced). I generally like the look and feel of the balanced cables vs the controls cable (that I...
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    FiiO F9, F9Pro-Detachable MMCX connector,Hi-Res Audio Certified,2.5mm TRRS/3.5mm audio cable

    Not really crazy as I've read people that use tea bags as filters so your story makes sense.
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    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and Wireless!

    I just got a pair of the black for ipod M2 wired off Amazon used (like new) for $119.00 (plus about $6 shipping). I received them in 2 days (without Prime) and gotta say they are in "perfect" condition-Like someone got these as a present and returned them after just opening the box. Manual was...
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    Sennheiser IE80 giveaway

    Count me in please. Thanks!
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    Q-Jays are back.

    Yeah I agree they sounded great just couldn't get a good fit. 
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    Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

    I picked these up a few weeks ago and I think they are great. Nice full bass but not muddy or to extreme basshead levels. Mids are a tiny bit recessed but nothing major. I love the treble as it is clear and detail revealing however non fatiguing at the same time with some cymbals which can be...
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    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Hi everyone,   Thinking of picking up the DF Black or maybe even the Red for my Galaxy S5. Just wondering if the Red or even the Black used with my S5 would be an upgrade in the sound vs my Fiio X3II. The smartphone experience is just so much better UI wise vs the kind of limited X3II (which I...
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    Shozy Cygnus Official Thread

    Thanks!-That sounds very interesting. Will keep my eye out....
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    Shozy Cygnus Official Thread

    Does anyone know if the Cyngus has any plans to be released in a black version vs white? I swear i remember reading awhile back in one of the threads that this was rumored. 
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    I hear what you are saying (literally!). Unfortunately because of this I ended up returning the Sabres. Regardless of the tips/filters supplied and aftermarket tips I wasn't able to sufficiently tame the area to me that was bothersome. With that said for people that like that sound signature...
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    Dunu TITAN Series (new for 2019: Titan 6) [Page 196]

    Hey Bentox, will probably make an interesting comparison. I haven't listened to the MS01's for quite some time so I will have to get back to you on that.
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    Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

    From my experience, I kept losing the seal with the largest stock tips however with the Large Spiral Dots the seal was definitely improved. Added a little more bass too. 
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    Nouske NH-14 Review by mark2410

    To me these look exactly like the 10mm Bette Hydrids that have been talked about here and there.    Regardless very nice review and thanks for sharing!
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    [2021 Update] Venture Electronics (VE) Monk V2, Monk Plus & Monk Go: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

    Hi, I ordered my Monk from Aliexpress and I got am email that it was shipped on Jan 19th. I'm just wondering how long should it be before I should start getting nervous about something happening with it's delivery? It's my first time ordering from Aliexpress. I live in the US East coast.   ...