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    Source selector switches

    Quote: - but are you sure about the quoted part? there's enough ways to wire an attenuator that i'm easily confused. let's dive into my confusion. put it in the direct signal path as you say. it has various steps of resistance. the least produces the most sound, and the most the...
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    Source selector switches

    is there a trick in the question that i'm missing? you'd want non-shorting, otherwise you'd be feeding in two sources at once, briefly. shorting would be for a stepped attenuator so you don't briefly have zero resistance and thus full gain.
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    Are there any DIY kits available besides...

    sygyzy, take their advice and figure out how to assemble your own parts list and order parts from digikey and mouser and suchlike. it's definitely intimidating at first, but it's a skill you likely want to learn because you'll likely want to build more amps. i highly recommend the cmoy. it's...
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    If you modify a DIY design so you can wire components to a custom case...

    Quote: That said there is a certain degree of awe involved with "point to point" electronics IMO that is sort of like furniture built without screws, nails, or glue. as someone with low electronics experience but considerable furniture experience, i would say no. point-to-point is...
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    Please dont laugh, im new

    couple of easy starter links. inhale these, then return with the next set of questions. (yeah, there's always a next set of questions. that's why it's fun.) Beginners' Guide to Electronics - Part 1 How to Solder Electronics
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    Hardware Suggestions?

    hey was?, since nobody came up with part #s i just had a look at the digi catalogue to see if could simplify things for you. first thing is that digi sells this stuff in 100's. i suggest you try your local hardware for M3 nuts & bolts & washers & standoffs. even in my little town you can buy...
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    Advice for noob

    if you're completely new, start with the cmoy. it does sound good, and it's a much better place to make your first mistakes. (and mistakes are just part of learning.) gsferrari, i believe the meta42 is discontinued in favor of the pimeta. mainly because the buffers are now unavailable. can...
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    Enclosure Types

    a little late, but i just bumped into this article on how mu metal reacts to deformation. via the ever handy How Do PMT Mu Metal Shields Hold Up To Deformation?
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    Enclosure Types

    Quote: Originally posted by JohnFerrier I've wondered how easy mu metal is to cut, drill holes in, and possibly bend. I noticed in the link you provided that it indicates that mu metal is worked like stainless steel. I'd like to know if that means that it is hard for a DIY'er to use...
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    The great project: amp for electric violin. Help!

    no offense to the crew here, but i wonder if you might do better to try any of several active guitar amp forums on the net. one of those might even be able to hook you up with other people doing violin amps. and it'd be pretty fun to plug a violin into a big ol' Fender.
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    Spanish porn

    Quote: Originally posted by pank2002 Could you take a pic of that next to a quater or something ? the 9v battery isn't enough? anyway, the meta42 circuit board is 2.9" × 2.4" (61mm × 74mm). details are on tangent's site.
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    Why the META42 Shape?

    Quote: Originally posted by Arzela Ah!, that's what they are for .... yup. the meta is light enough to be mounted by the pot. the last two photos over here show it both hanging and with a linkwitz.
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    DIY Voigt Horn worth building?

    i supplied that particular link because they are a courteous, affable bunch with some real character and personal preferences, much like here. go forth and post.
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    DIY Voigt Horn worth building?

    Full Range Driver Forum