May 7, 2012
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I study materials engineering.

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    I study materials engineering.
    Above all else: food!
    The rest didn't fit...
    Headphone Inventory:
    Denon 2000, recabled with braided van den Hul FT-18
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schiit Mjolnir
    Source Inventory:
    Most of my music is .flac files ripped from CDs, but more and more I'm purchasing and downloading the files directly - preferably in higher resolution. I play them using foobar2000, loading the complete files into system memory and pushing the sound to the DAC through Kernel Streaming.

    I have to admit there is a lot of Spotify listening going on too, the more music the merrier!

    This is all done on my most used tool, a ThinkPad X220, chosen for sound reasons not at all related to sound.
    Cable Inventory:
    Halide Design DAC - the Devilsound Audio Cable. Yes, it's a cable. With a DAC in it. :D
    Other Audio Equipment:
    My phone, a Sony Ericsson W902, drives my big headphones surprisingly good when I'm not at my desk. Eh, correction: it's actually more surprising when at the desk. Note that there is a BIG difference between using .mp3 files and using .wav files with this one, WAY better sound and WAY harder to navigate. I'm using .wav :)

    I have a Denon M31 that's driving a pair of DALI Concept 1. Due to the acoustics in my current room these small speakers are now standing on top of each other in a corner and playing in mono - any other positioning is rather headache-inducing. Thus, my Head-Fi journey has started.
    Music Preferences:
    Acoustic jazz/pop/rock/blues, synthy pop/rock from the 70's and 80's, a select portion of mainstream pop/rock from early 90's and onwards... I shy away from more or less all extremes, and I rejoice with more or less anything that is well done.

    Artist examples: Chris Jones, Norah Jones, Eric Bibb, Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra, Electric Banana Band, Dire Straits, Seal, Alicia Keys, Amy Macdonald, KT Tunstall... that's enough for now. Someday I'll make a Grooveshark profile or revive my anonymous Spotify profile, so that you can take a listen in an easy way.
    My absolute favorite piece of gear is my HP 50g - a calculator... and now you know quite a lot about me.

    Maybe my first ThinkPad, a 14" T43, should be mentioned here too. It's sad that computers get old, otherwise I could've kept that one forever.

    My city bike - a Gary Fisher Monona - is something astonishing: it's my primary mode of transportation, and it's giving me great joy on a daily basis. A somewhat humble bike that's everything but humble once you ride it. Great is what it is.


    A few thoughts that fled from the head of O8h7w
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